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Picture Puzzles | # 41 | Summary round 9 | thank you

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Hello @onefatindian, haha, the row of 20.06-30.06 is now almost full! And these are people like you and me! Let's see if I can bring them to Steemit. Then we can organize a really fat birthday party!

By the way! I'm just configuring my absence! And it works!

I have activated my AutoUpvoter for @onefatindian,, @poyim, @igel2017, @lebenaufachsen and @chireerocks for each 2 posts immediately and each 2 comments with delay of 30 minutes, per day! I am with you, even if I disappear now for a short time!

If you don't like the autovoiting, let me know. Then I switch off the AutoUpvoter at your place!

Have fun and success all the time!

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Thank you so much for the auto upvote!
You continue to help me even when you are not around. I wish you the best of luck in whatever venture you do next.
Cheers! :)

Herzlichen Dank! Wir wünschen dir eine gute ZeitBis bald!
Beste Grüße

Hey @jeenger,

Yeah, bring all your friends to Steemit - they will love it! :D
I'm in for the birthday party too. I might just have to celebrate remotely from Canada lol

Thanks for the AutoVoter activation! I've never heard of it, but that sound like it will make robo-Jeenger activated hehe


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