Picture Puzzles | # 39 | Win Steempower, win a monster

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Mission: Find two bugs in the right image and I'll give you a card from an unopened @steemmonsters booster pack. If you find all four mistakes, I take the card value in the Monster Market and increase your Steempower. You don't want to play, but you want to win? Write a comment and let Steempower surprise you!

Aufgabe: Finde zwei Fehler im rechten Bild und ich schenke Dir eine Karte aus einem ungeöffneten @steemmonsters Booster pack. Findest du alle vier Fehler, nehme ich den Kartenwert im Monstermarkt und erhöhe deinen Steempower. Du willst nicht spielen, aber du willst gewinnen? Schreibe ein Kommentar und lass dich von Steempower überraschen!


I chose the search picture for very specific reasons! I'll give you a hint, here! If you tell me the answer in a comment you will get a surprise bonus.

Das Suchbild habe ich aus ganz bestimmten Gründen gewählt! Ich gebe Dir einen Tipp, hier! Wenn du mir die Antwort in einem Kommentar mitteilst bekommst du einen Überraschungsbonus.

Auch du kannst gewinnen! | You can win too!

Bestätige (Upvote) dieses Spiel und schreibe einen Kommentar innerhalb der Spielzeit von 24 Stunden!
Wird eine Goldkarte aufgedeckt gewinnst du sofort SP, anteilig der Kommentare und Wert! Hast du zwei Spiele innerhalb dieser Runde mit einem Upvote versehen und kommentiert gewinnst du mindestens 4 Punkte. Aktivität bedeutet Punkten! 1 Punkt entspricht 0,01 SP! Die Punkte werden am Ende der Runde 8 in Steempower gewandelt!

Confirm (Upvote) this game and write a comment within the game time of 24 hours!
If a Gold Card is revealed, you immediately win SP, proportionate to the comments and value! If you have provided two games within this round with an Upvote and commented you win at least 4 points. Activity means points! 1 point corresponds to 0.01 SP! The points will be converted to Steempower at the end of round 8!

Runde 8 ist eine besondere Runde | Round 8 is a special round.
Am Ende der Spiele werden drei Spieler oder Unterstützer ausgewählt und bekommen ein Booster Pack als Geschenk. Einzigste Bedingung: Mindestens an drei Spielen muss du jeweils einen Kommentar geschrieben haben!

At the end of the games, three players or supporters are selected and receive a booster pack as a gift. The only condition: You must have written a comment on at least three games!

Als Spieler musst du etwas mehr machen! | As a player you have to do a little more!
• Bestätige (Upvote) dieses Spiel
• Bestätige (Upvote) den Startdialog (Anmeldung)
• Schreibe einen Kommentar mit einer Zahl von 1-5 im Startdialog (Anspruch Monsterkarte)

• Confirm (Upvote) this game
• Confirm (Upvote) the start dialog (registration)
• Write a comment with a number from 1-5 in the start dialog (claim monster card)

Was bekommst du sonst noch von mir? | What else do you get from me?
• Als Spieler bekommst du ein 25-100% Delfin-Upvote auf deinen Startdialog
• Als Gewinner bekommt einen 100% Delfin-Upvote auf deine Ergebnispräsentation
• Spieler bekommen einen 10-25% Delfin-Upvote auf die Spielerdialoge
• Interessenten des Spiels bekommen einem Upvote > 10% auf ihren Kommentar. Das signalisiert auch, dass sie in der Punkteliste geführt werden.
• Ab und zu schwimme ich in deinem Blog!

• As a player you get a 25-100% dolphin upvote on your start dialog
• The winner gets a 100% dolphin-upvote on your results presentation
• Players get a 10-25% dolphin upvote on the player dialogues
• Interested parties of the game get an upvote > 10% on their comment. This also indicates that they are on the points list
• I swim in your blog from time to time!

Gewinn Auszahlungen | Profit Payouts
Werden am Ende der Spiele zusammengefasst und als Steempower transferiert. $1 im Monstermarkt entspricht 1 SP in diesem Spiel.

Summarized at the end of the games and transferred as Steempower. $1 in the Monster Market equals 1 SP in this game.

Overall winner is @onefatindian

Im bisher höchstbezahlten Spiel 32 hatte @onefatindian eine Goldkarte mit einem Wert über 8$ gewonnen und zusätzlich 5 SP dazu! Eine Spiel zuvor gewann er den Legendary GOLD DRAGON. Sein Wert aktuell bei 7,50$

In the highest paid game so far, 32, @onefatindian had won a gold card worth over $8 and an additional 5 SP! One game earlier he won the Legendary GOLD DRAGON. Its value currently stands at $7.50

Ich gebe mir Mühe die Fehler gut zu verstecken. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist für zwei Fehler etwas leichter, danach etwas schwerer. Dennoch wurden bisher die Fehler sehr schnell gefunden. Ich habe daher das Spiel mit einer Punkteliste erweitert und einen zusätzlichen Belohnungspool mit 4,41 Steem pro Spiel geschaffen. Somit stehen fast 10 Steem pro Spiel als Gewinn zur Verfügung!

I try to hide the mistakes well. The difficulty level is slightly easier for two mistakes, then slightly harder. Nevertheless, so far the errors have been found very quickly. I have therefore extended the game with a points list and created an additional reward pool of 4.41 stems per game. So you can win almost 10 Steem per game!


Weiter Informationen | further information





Winners of games

1@surripio2MonsterFire BeatleCommon
2@markusgruber4MonsterMinotaur WarriorCommon
3@Foxfiction1MonsterMinotaur WarriorCommon
4@Foxfiction3MonsterSPINEPACK WOLFCommon
6@heyimsnuffles3MonsterCrustacean KingCommon
7@Foxfiction4MonsterMALRIC INFERNORare
8@igel20173MonsterELEMENTAL PHOENIXLegendary
9@kobusu1MonsterCRUSTCEAN KINGCommon
9@kobusu4MonsterGOBLIN SHAMANCommon
10@kobusu1MonsterCRUSTCEAN KINGCommon
10@kobusu3MonsterANIMATED CORPSCommon
11@nolem2MonsterFERAL SPIRITCommon
11@nolem1MonsterSILVERSHIELD KNIGHTCommon
12@foxfiction4MonsterSPINEBACK TURTLECommon
13@poyim3MonsterPRIVATE CAPTAINCommon
14@poyim3MonsterPRIVATE CAPTAINCommon
15@poyim3MonsterFERAL SPIRITCommon
16@randumb2MonsterFERAL SPIRITCommon
17@onefatindian3MonsterSTONE GOLEMRare
18@poyim3MonsterFERAL SPIRITCommon
19@onefatindian4MonsterSTONE GOLEMRare
20@randumb4MonsterSilvershield WarriorCommon
21@onefatindian5MonsterMAGI OF THE FORESTEpic
22@randumb2MonsterTYRUS PALADIUMRare
23@poyim1MonsterFLESH GOLEMCommon
24@poyim2MonsterSILVERSHIELD KNIGHTCommon
25@onefatindian5SummonersALRIC STORMBRINGERRare
26@variola2MonsterSILVERSHIELD KNIGHTCommon
27@onefatindian4MonsterWATER ELEMENTALRare
28@randumb2MonsterGIANT ROCKCommon
29@poyim2MonsterSkeleton AssassinCommon
30@onefatindianxMonsterGold DragonLegendary
31@jeenger1MonsterSERPENTINE SOLDIERRare
32@onefatindian4MonsterSERPENTINE SOLDIER GOLDRare
33@poyim3MonsterMAGI OF THE FORESTEpic
34@poyim1MonsterGOBLIN SORCERERCommon
35@onefatindian5MonsterFIRE DEMONEpic
36@onefatindian5MonsterFROZEN SOLDIERRare
37@onefatindian1MonsterKOBOLD MINERCommon
38@lebenaufachsen3MonsterMinotaur WarrirorCommon

Winners of Powerbonus

(Started at game 15)


Winners of surprise bonus


Winners of Loyalty Power

(Started at round 7)


Have a nice day and fun all the time!

Content by jeenger

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This puzzle is VERY VERY DIFFICULT. I almost lost my sight trying to find the bugs hahaha:


Hello @Juanmi96. Congratulations, you recognized two mistakes correctly. But unfortunately you didn't sign up as a player and told me what card you were claiming! I would have waived the registration, but the card number is missing! So you lose the game and the monster comes into my possession.

So we can calculate the other bonuses, I'll take the card
No. 1 of second winner @poyim! With this card you can also calculate your additional Steempower. Be sure to come into the next game. Then you are sure of this power and you will receive an additional loyalty bonus!

Thanks for the game and have fun all the time!

Is that the same model as the camper you built? Was this camper a truck conversion that you can take off and store out of the rain when you are not using it?


Hello @ityp, your answer is not quite correct, but the best! Yes, I had a similar vehicle in my youth and when I saw the vehicle in the picture, memories came up!

You have won the surprise bonus, which is four times your chosen card today! But I have to be careful what I say, because such a monster card can be really expensive. In the game there are payout limits, in a normal game the limits are 2 SP, today 8SP and Gold 5 SP, today 20 SP
Thanks for the game and have fun all the time!

Hi! It's my first time to enter this kind of game. : ) I am glad to paticipate. :)


Hello @precioustopaz, welcome and thank you for finding into my game. I give you a chance to brush up on your Steempower. You don't have to be active. All you need to do is comment on the game and the activity in the game! The greater your activity, the more points you earn. Each mate has five games and after the last game the transactions are carried out. Only condition, you must participate in at least two games, as said active or inactive.

Be sure to come into the next game. Then you are sure of this power and you will receive an additional loyalty bonus!

Have fun all the time!


Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I will participate in the best ways I can.. :)

The two photos look absolutely identical... although there may be some sort of difference. Of course I am insterested in a steem monster, I hope I win one! :-)


Hello @sardonic, welcome to my game! To win a monster you must find at least two mistakes! But you're already gaining something in SP! You have to play at least two games! Be sure to come to the next game. Then you'll get some steempower.

You have recieved a free upvote from minnowpond, Send 0.1 -> 10 SBD with your post url as the memo to recieve an upvote from up to 100 accounts!


Hello very much thanks! I'd be happy to look at your offer!

The reason you chose that picture is because that is the RV you bought? Is that you standing next to it? LOL.

Are you the happy owner of that vehicle? If so, congrats!


Hello @poyim, unfortunately not quite correct!
Thanks for the game and have fun all the time!

Looks like all 4 bugs have been found!

For the surprise bonus, those people are not real lol they are mannequins 🤣

Posted using Partiko Android


Hello @onfatindian, unfortunately not correct, besides, they are dolls!

Thanks for the game and have fun all the time!

Da hab ich doch glatt deinen Post übersehen . Schade. Doch diesmal hast du es uns nicht einfach gemacht ;)


hallo @lebenaufachsen, macht doch nichts! Da auch heute hierher gefunden hast, hast du ja schon gewonnen. Schauen wir gleich, was deine Karte 5 verbirgt! Und heute gibt es den doppelten Doppel Bonus!

Bildprüfung abgeschlossen! Viel Glück und habe Spaß!

Image verification complete! Good luck and have fun!




Card #1

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Card #5!

Posted using Partiko Android




Gewinner dieses Spiels ist @Juanmi96. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Ich möchte mich für dieses Spiel entschuldigen. Auswertung kann ich leider erst morgen früh machen. Habe heute überraschend Besuch bekommen. Seit mir bitte nicht böse!


Unfortunately @juanmi96 did not log in correctly. He did not enter a card number and lost the game.

The monster card is mine!

Thanks to everyone for this game!


Here the evaluation of the game 39


Many thanks to all players and supporters.

Have a great day!

@jeenger, For sure i want to say that, you always use some unique pictures and sometimes it's really difficult to find the bugs.

And the more difficult to guess means the more interesting contest and we will going to see many unique answers.

And great to see that you are supporting effective Participation too and it's an key to an effective Engagement.

So keep up and waiting for more amazing bugs. Ha ha 🙂

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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I think I found the other 2 errors, @jeenger

@juanmi96 was right. these errors were tough to find, especially the 4th one!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.32.02 PM.png


Hello @poyim, unfortunately your result is not quite correct. You recognized the third mistake correctly. I cannot confirm the fourth error.
Here I show you all the mistakes:


We know each other for a while now and I give you another chance to increase the power for the 4 error. Tell me, what could be the object of the coming picture?


For the third mistake you already get the double power bonus! With my option, you can quadrupleit! But hurry, as soon as I have published the evaluation, the option is over!
Thanks for the game and have fun all the time!


It looks like a tent. ⛺️
Is the next picture a camping theme?


Hi @poyim, correct but too late!
No, the next picture is nature again! A picture from Switzerland!
Have a good day!


Ah. Time differences. I was asleep! That’s ok. Next time.