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Winner of game 37 is @onefatindian. His chosen card no. 4 was a monster of the element fire. KOBOLD MINER belongs to the common class. Its value in the monster market is $0.06.

Gewinner Spiel 37 ist @onefatindian. Seine gewählte Karte Nr. 4 war ein Monster vom Element Fire. KOBOLD MINER gehört der Common Klasse an. Sein Wert im Monstermarkt liegt bei 0,06$.


The second game of the Round 8 brought the players more points, which will be converted into power after the games!

Das zweite Spiel der Rund 8 hat den Spielern weitere Punkte gebracht, welche nach den Spielen in Power gewandelt werden!


Players will receive the value of their chosen cards as power! The only rule, you have to play at least two games to win a claim!

Für die Teilnahme erhalten die Spieler den Wert ihrer gewählten Karten als Power geschenkt! Einzigste Regel, man muss an mindestens zwei Spielen teilnehmen, um einen Anspruch durchzusetzen!


special raffle | Sonderverlosung

Whoever participates in at least three games in a round, as a player or supporter with a comment, takes part in the draw for three booster packs. Five games are played in each round. This was game two.

Wer an mindestens an drei Spielen in einer Runde teilnimmt, als Spieler oder Unterstützer mit einem Kommentar, nimmt an der Verlosung von drei Booster Packs teil. In jeder Runde werden fünf Spiele gespielt. Dies war Spiel zwei.

New rule | Neue Regel

Today the game was not completely dissolved and the surprise bonus remained. I have therefore thought of a new rule: If I invite a guest, as in the game 37 @chireerocks, he gets the bonus, otherwise the bonus will be raffled to a random player or supporter!

Heute wurde das Spiel nicht ganz aufgelöst und der Überraschungsbonus blieb liegen. Ich habe mir deshalb einen neue Regel überlegt: Wenn ich einen Gast, wie im Spiel 37 @chireerocks einlade, erhält dieser den Bonus, ansonsten wird der Bonus an einen zufälligen Spieler oder Unterstützer verlost!

In round 8, 2.72 SP and $0.19 card value have been played so far

In der Runde 8 wurden bisher 2.72 SP und $0,19 Kartenwert gespielt

The next game starts on 29.08 between 22 and 24 o'clock German time!

Have fun all the time!


Winners of games

1@surripio2MonsterFire BeatleCommon
2@markusgruber4MonsterMinotaur WarriorCommon
3@Foxfiction1MonsterMinotaur WarriorCommon
4@Foxfiction3MonsterSPINEPACK WOLFCommon
6@heyimsnuffles3MonsterCrustacean KingCommon
7@Foxfiction4MonsterMALRIC INFERNORare
8@igel20173MonsterELEMENTAL PHOENIXLegendary
9@kobusu1MonsterCRUSTCEAN KINGCommon
9@kobusu4MonsterGOBLIN SHAMANCommon
10@kobusu1MonsterCRUSTCEAN KINGCommon
10@kobusu3MonsterANIMATED CORPSCommon
11@nolem2MonsterFERAL SPIRITCommon
11@nolem1MonsterSILVERSHIELD KNIGHTCommon
12@foxfiction4MonsterSPINEBACK TURTLECommon
13@poyim3MonsterPRIVATE CAPTAINCommon
14@poyim3MonsterPRIVATE CAPTAINCommon
15@poyim3MonsterFERAL SPIRITCommon
16@randumb2MonsterFERAL SPIRITCommon
17@onefatindian3MonsterSTONE GOLEMRare
18@poyim3MonsterFERAL SPIRITCommon
19@onefatindian4MonsterSTONE GOLEMRare
20@randumb4MonsterSilvershield WarriorCommon
21@onefatindian5MonsterMAGI OF THE FORESTEpic
22@randumb2MonsterTYRUS PALADIUMRare
23@poyim1MonsterFLESH GOLEMCommon
24@poyim2MonsterSILVERSHIELD KNIGHTCommon
25@onefatindian5SummonersALRIC STORMBRINGERRare
26@variola2MonsterSILVERSHIELD KNIGHTCommon
27@onefatindian4MonsterWATER ELEMENTALRare
28@randumb2MonsterGIANT ROCKCommon
29@poyim2MonsterSkeleton AssassinCommon
30@onefatindianxMonsterGold DragonLegendary
31@jeenger1MonsterSERPENTINE SOLDIERRare
32@onefatindian4MonsterSERPENTINE SOLDIER GOLDRare
33@poyim3MonsterMAGI OF THE FORESTEpic
34@poyim1MonsterGOBLIN SORCERERCommon
35@onefatindian5MonsterFIRE DEMONEpic
36@onefatindian5MonsterFROZEN SOLDIERRare
37@onefatindian1MonsterKOBOLD MINERCommon

Winners of Powerbonus

(Started at game 15)


Winners of surprise bonus


Winners of Loyalty Power

(Started at round 7)


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Hi @igel2017, wo bist du? Habe dich vermisst! Hast du Lust auf ein Spiel? Komm zu den Spielen! Du kannst gewinnen!


Danke sehr viel bts beschäftigt.
Später schaue ich mal vorbei

Hey @jeenger,

Great wrap-up!
Also, I like the surprise bonus change, that's very good for new players to your contests.

I look forward to the next one.



Hello @onefatindian, thanks! Yes, the game is growing: Someday I will be able to reward anyone who comes near my game Lol.

Tonight we will continue! I got a nice picture for the surprise bonus!

Have fun!


Hey @jeenger,

That's great to hear! I love a good challenge 😀

Did you end up buying an RV?


Posted using Partiko Android

First of all i want to congratulate @onefatindian for winning. And also want to congratulate every participants.

@jeenger, Thank you so much for considering me in the Category of Surprise Bonus and in my opinion it's an kind gesture for sure.

And i want to say that, all these list really showcasing that you are helping and supporting many in an playful way and that's really appreciable.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Hello @chireerocks, I constantly adapt the game to the circumstances! Today it's not much I give, but who knows how it develops!

In my opinion, our earlier systems in this world, which man has created for himself, have failed. They only cover the interests of individuals and this recklessly and installed as a virus in life against man and nature! I'm trying to fight it with my means!

The Blockchain gives me the opportunity to give a part of my life into the world! With my games I want to show how I can imagine a life next to each other.

It just doesn't work without rules! Rules I have set are not rules, but a hint for the game in the colloquial language here on Steemit (Upvote, Reesteem etc.). My motto is: Feel free from any obligation! That's why I find it very difficult to make a demand for Upvote and so on. For me it's more about evaluating a game! Active participants get a little more out of the cake!

I only do what I really enjoy, but that doesn't mean that I don't take on new challenges. Steemit was and still is a challenge! Working, both physically and mentally, belongs to us like the air we breathe! That's fun, too.

I thank you and have fun!


@jeenger, Great to know that you are constantly adapting and that's really important because, we are living in Dynamic life where we have to adapt the situations to expand.

Yes, i really liked the example of earlier life. And literally speaking, in my opinion we don't know about History and may be what we have heard and reading can be an script. And the unbalanced system is gifted to human beings and it's always reflects as Ancient Conspiracy.

Yes, Blockchain is creating an chain of emotions because here we are not investing just money, here we are investing, Time, Efforts, Energy, Emotions, and stories so, it's an different world where everyone is living in different parts but yet they are close.

In my opinion you followed right voice of your heart and that means, Steemit also says in SPAM section as, upvote should not be compulsory aspect in any contests, but unfortunately many are doing that and people forced to give upvote, but in my opinion upvotes should be Organic and it should be flowed where it wants to without forcing and compulsory aspect. So, your thought is appreciable.

That's right sometimes you choose challenges and sometimes life choose you and when life choose you, then your life get Turnaround and in my case I've invested 3/4th of my life in Sports but my life pushed in finance job in blink of a second then my life pushed me into the phase of Jobless for many months, then once again I've got an job mail and this time it's in HR department for an Multinational Company then my life pushed me in the Jobless Category and i had many bus travels and walking time, i was not searching for the job but job was searching for me, then now Steemit and who will agree, an individual who spent his 3/4th life span in sports now spending almost entire day in writing and deep dived into the words.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂