Daria Dragonscale on Splinterlands grew 5x in price

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

Hi Steemit Friends,

At one time, Daria Dargonscale was a 30c card. Within a 6-9 month period, this card has a price tag of $1.59. Once a card nobody wanted and now is the hottest card. Thanks to the introduction of the dragon splinter to quests, the card price skyrocketed. It is considered the cheapest affordable dragon summoner on the market so people want to get their hands on them before the price continue to rise. Is it worth risking not completing a quest or getting cards you can keep forever?

Not only the summoner card has increased in price, the other dragon cards have followed the trend but the growth, not as big. Where can we get a return on our investment with 5x growth? There have been many cards on Splinterlands have shown this growth is possible and it is now a matter of time to find the next card to perform this well.