Steemmonters - how I get Gold Foil Legendary Chromatic Dragon

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I've got a short but very happy story to share with you today. The story about how I get Gold Foil Legendary Chromatic Dragon.

I was buying card packs almost from the beginning of Steemmonsters project. I was already able to get Gold Foil Legendary Frost Giant, but I sold it right away to buy more packs. Now I regret that. After buying some very weak packs I was almost out of my crypto resources. And then the post about Legendary Gold Foil Giveaway showed up.

I decided to use my last crypto to buy more packs and take my chances in this giveaway. Unfortunately, after buying 330 packs I was very disappointed with the result of opening them. There were no Gold Foils, no Gold Epics, only two Gold Rares and few Gold Commons. Also the final nail in my coffin - only one regular Legendary card... Very bad score for 330 packs opened.

Yesterday night I thought that this Giveaway is ending soon and it would be nice to buy more packs. In the meantime, I was able to sell some cards, but I was still short by 30 Steem to buy another 100 packs (obviously the best deal). My friend @pibyk comes with the helping hand and he borrowed me the missing tokens. Thank you @pibyk, thank you so much!

This allowed me to buy another 110 packs, and I was really not expecting any spectacular opening, I just treated it like an investment into the giveaway raffle tickets. I was also opening packs one by one, to get as much fun of this as possible. Imagin my surprise when this fellow comes up:


A Gold Foil Legendary Chromatic Dragon! I'm not able to describe the joy I felt at this very moment when I saw him :) All bad memories from previous packs opening are gone now :) Probably most of you are aware of its value, so I won't write about that.

Now, let me tell you something. If you didn't buy any of packs yet, you still have a chance, but the deadline is coming. So I strongly encourage you to do so, it may turn out a very good investment in the future ;) I wish you guys luck with your openings. Cheers!


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Congrats! It's quite a gamble opening the packs.. I've gone through some rough patches as well.