Steemmonsters : Daily Quest Reward | Two sneaky in one reward

in steemmonsters •  19 days ago

Hello Gamars! what's up?

Hope you guys all are well, today i'm share the fourth reward of this new season which i completed few hours ago, today i played very hardly to win - because today splinter was water - you know that I'm in the gold league and that's why it takes more time for the completed

And today i played with the Water Splinter and yesterday I'm reached in Gold league - Besides, today i played an silver tournament but i was defeated in the first round.

imagethis is today Quest reward card, today get two rare and four common card, those are -

  • Undead Mintower
  • wood nymph
  • Silversheild Archer
  • Ooze
  • Pirate Archer
    ,- Hobgoblin

imageRating and more details, today splinter was Water Splinter

Today, I have won the Quest's five battles hardly if you see the screenshot above, there you will see the battle with water Splinter

  • For Newcomers, If you are interested in playing steemmonsters and want to play, please visit this link for more details and how to play this game? Click Here @steemmonsters And click here to open account steemmonsters


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