I made MattClarke Steem Monsters Themed Wine!

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Like Steem, the @Steemmonsters community has been wonderful at bringing people together. I've met a bunch of interesting people in the official discord and of course, there's the rather ongoing parable of an @mattclarke and his incredible love affair with the humble, common flesh golem.

The Flesh Golem is a common card from the Earth splinter, but one that has been consistently unavailable for the bargain basement prices of the other common cards from other splinters.

@mattclarke has had a love affair with this card, and as he was the one to introduce me to the Steem blockchain, and steemit itself, I tend to want to spoil the man.

He also organised the monthly steem meet ups we have in Adelaide, which enable us mallsballers based Steemians to meet, scheme, laugh, and probably, eventually, openly weep together.

To celebrate the fact that he's gone another year around the sun without murdering anyone (to our knowledge) - I decided to put together a special, fully custom gift for him, in collaboration with @o07 and @ursa.

You've got some custom-made Steem Monsters, Flesh Golem themed wine. Enjoy it. Below, I've uploaded a timelapse of me creating the artwork in secret.

The Steem Monsters logo is featured on the bottle, along with a disclaimer that it is an unathorised product. I don't expect that @aggroed is likely to start selling this delicious Serpent blood anytime soon. The front depicts a gold foil flesh golem, and an extract from the flesh golem's origin story, as penned by @blueteddy

“A hunger for vengeance grew within the heart of my tribe. The elders tried to warn us away from engaging the serpent again. They shared our grief, but they didn’t believe the tribe could withstand another culling of that magnitude. They cited the natural order. The elders were content to give us the role of prey. They were cowards. They wanted us to live a life of fear and torment. I sought another way. A better way.”

On the otherside of the bottle, a disclaimer from Lyanna, that tells the recipient to open packs responsibly, not to drive while under the influence, and that the bottles contain alcohol. Some might believe, however; that the bottle only contains the blood of the flesh golem's numerous victims.

Long may your flesh golems reign, @mattclarke.

The Reaction

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It’s @mattclarke ‘s Birthday?!?! What an epic gift!!!! He deserves an epic gift and I’m glad he got one 😊😊🙌🙌


It's what I do. Great gifts!

What an awesome gift! Very well done @holoz0r, @o07 and @ursa.
and a Happy belated birthday to @mattclarke!


Cheers Jeff! #golemwine2018

Coolest and nerdiest gift ever. Well done guys. :)

And happy birthday to @mattclarke. :)


The nerdiest. My virginity grew back a little. Worth it though.

Happy birthday my friend @mattclarke. Oh yes to lift a toast cheers mate

His first thought is "can we share!" Classy dude!



To my knowledge, all three bottles remain closed to this moment.

I'm really glad he enjoyed it, and best of all, he didn't know it was coming!


Not a clue. Love it.

The Flesh Golem is a common card from the Earth splinter, but one that has been consistently unavailable for the bargain basement prices of the other common cards from other splinters.

It's that because Matt has them all? :D

If everything's dead and wants to eat you in Australia, does that mean we're living in Zombieland?


Matt is a bit of a contributing factor.

Everything is a zombie. :D

Huge thanks to @holoz0r, @ursa and @o07 for the thoughtful gifts and for making the trek down to my place. Love brainstorming with you guys, particularly in person.
We're going to make the next meet a Steem monsters theme and I'll smuggle a bottle in.
Whoever you are, wherever you are; you're welcome to join us.
Last Thursday of the month, from 6pm at The Jade on Flinders St.


I always have FOMO for steemmonsters cards...


You can't FOMO on Flesh Golems. They were never yours to begin with. They always belonged to @mattclarke.

It is only through a bug in the blockchain that other people are able to obtain them from Steem Monster booster packs and the market.


It's Science.

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Haha, what an awesome gift! I really love that, @holoz0r, and I'm sure that Aggy will be along soon to place an order for a couple of crates worth of the stuff, to entice more people to join the #SteemMonsters Kickstarter. 😉

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I really hope so! The Wine Business is very lucrative here in South Australia!

That's really nice of you! And what a great, personalized gift that he will actually appreciate. You likely won this round, although we'll see what Matt says.

a pity it didn't stay Flesh Golems Victim Distilled Serpents Juice
loved that


I realised at that moment that wine is distilled, it is fermented. :P

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Wow wonderful place and nice photo.