Steem Monsters Market Token: mini airdrop results

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Hi Everyone,

A week ago I introduced the Steem Monsters Market Token and during this introduction I said that after the payout of the post I will issue 10 tokens to people that resteemed my post and 10 tokens to those who upvoted the post. Here are the results of this airdrop:

  • 27 resteems + 144 upvotes = 1710 SMMKT

  • around 30 purchases have been made through Steem Monsters Market Token (not a lot, but still, I'm quite happy that some people actually used it without any flaws :P)

The 1710 tokens are potentially going to be issued, potentially because in order to receive the tokens your account needs to be registered on the sidechain. That's easy and here are the steps to follow:

  • head to
    Screen Shot 20180910 at 1.51.52 PM.png

  • click on "MANAGE TOKENS"
    Screen Shot 20180910 at 2.03.59 PM.png

  • enter your Steem username in the appropriate field


  • a SteemConnect window will popup, simply enter your credentials (your posting key is sufficient)

  • you are now registered!

After the payout of this post (in a week), I'll issue the tokens to the accounts that registered.

If your account is already registered you don't need to do any extra step.

Talk to you soon for other new projects!

List of the potential accounts:


Good project, I'm looking forward to following the Smart token aspect for sure!

Cool. Looking forward to have another market place for my cards.