Steem Monsters My 4th Booster Pack

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The Journey For Strong Steem Monsters Continues!

There's no other way to kill the boredom and torture of excitement waiting for the official tournament to start but to buy more booster packs!

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I know, I know. Most people who decided to join the epic tournament for Steem Monsters must have already collected some powerful legendary monsters and gold cards. It's quite a shame frankly to have not get at least one legendary card before the battle begins so here I am again pushing my luck for another chance to get legendary monster.

It's stupid to think I'll get legendary monster with just few booster pack. I know it would take me at least 50 maybe to get at least 1 legendary monster. Well, I don't care much about that. I just want to be in the game and participate in this epic project which can definitely turn into someones every day life task. That is to battle in the Steem Monsters tournament of course!

I terms of uniqueness, I think this is not the first time to see a game like this. Sure there's lot of better games out there to play but when we consider this is via Steem Blockchain, I can't help but to think how awesome the future of Blockchain can be.

What Did I Get This Time?

This is not a showoff. I just want to share what I have in my little deck :)




Haha! Nothing special on the first card to open. I think I'm expecting that. Well, let's continue shall we? Here's what I got this time:


There you go! I got one rare and one gold card. As of the moment, I can't decide for myself which one is better between a gold card and a rare card. I think gold card will have some special abilities or uses in the future for Steem Monsters but again, nothing is certain until the game begins.

Thoughts About Steem Monsters:

I really think this project is great! I really do! I think this attract a lot of users in the future to be interested in investing is Steem Blockchain to earn and at the same time to have some fun. It's not always necessarily mean that something that involves investment of money is always about profit. I'm sure rich players will most likely do it for fun since they're rich already and have the money to spend too much for such a game.

I'm a little envy on this guys for sure. Well, it's must be perfectly normal to feel that way when you know those guys have already the advantage over small players since they will be the ones to dominate the tournament with their legendary monsters level maxed out. This could change depending on how the creator of this game would divide the players in the tournament and of course, it will depend on the mechanics of the game.

I don't want to sound like I'm against the policy of this game as of the moment. Clearly I'm not against buying booster packs thought it's quite becoming a pay to win game. I think not all player would appreciate that unless the creator could find a very interesting way to remove it in the system. Big players must not fight against small players because we know who'll win for sure and who'll take the most rewards.

I guess I could not do anything right now but to hope that the future tournament will be fun and fair for all whether for big players or small players. I just can't wait for it to start!

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earn and have fun in the same time it's great

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