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I’m giving away 150 @steemmonsters Booster Packs!


When this post pays out I will award all 150 boosters pack to 1 winner.

To qualify just visit Mene and tell me your favorite 24 karat gold or platinum piece in the comments below along with why it is your favorite.

You can get there through my invite link and earn $5 in Mene credit by signing up here:


Or you can just visit mene.com directly if you already have an account with Mene, or don’t feel like earning $5 in Mene credit.

*Signing up is not required to win

If you end up buying something from Mene with crypto or fiat don’t forget to send me your unboxing post and you may end up in the next compilation video like these Steemians :

I will choose the winner completely subjectively. Please just follow the rules.

Wondering what Mene is ? I’ll let @coruscate explain:

Resteems accepted !

Good luck!

Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:



Menē crafts 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ that is transparently sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology with timeless design, Menē restores the ancient tradition of jewelry as a store of enduring value.

To find out more about what Menē 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry is from your fellow Steemians :

To find out more about what Goldmoney is from your fellow Steemians : https://steemit.com/contest/@goldmatters/what-in-the-world-s-goldmoney-winners

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here: https://www.goldmoney.com/w/goldmatters

For Menē 24k investment jewelry here: http://Mene.com/invite/JrT26p

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney and Menē through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

All images sourced from Menē and Goldmoney.

Read more about Goldmoney: https://steemit.com/@goldmatters

See @reseller explain our Legendary Gold Foil Frost Giant for 24 karat Mene Gold trade:

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This is one of the most generous giveaways on Steemit!! I love that you are promoting Mene while also supporting Steem Monsters. It’s these kind of collaborations that really help our community grow. ♥️

Ok... so this was a nearly impossible request. Only pick ONE piece from the Mene site?? After much deliberation, I think my favorite piece on the site right now is the cuff ring.


I’m in love with this piece for two main reasons.

  1. It is such a timeless and classic design. This is the kind of piece that you keep in your collection for the rest of your life. Ever since I first learned about Mene, I have been eyeing this ring!

  2. It would look perfect with my other Mene ring! They seem to be a similar size and it would be awesome to have one on each hand. Would definitely be a dynamic combination!


ps... check out how awesome my mene ring looks with my new shirt! Got this shirt from a talented local artist.

ps # 2... If you look closely, you will spot an awesome new design from Mene on my ears. Their serpent stud earrings are my new favorite earring. They are so edgy and fun - and I get tons of compliments on them. What’s even cooler is that I used my Byteball airdrop to purchase them! I did a whole video walk through on how to do that for those that are interested.

Thanks for the awesome contest @goldmatters!! And good luck to all the other contestants!!

Awesome entry @corusate ! Thank you for your detailed description and your love for Mene! People should really take the time to watch your video and turn their byteball into real tangible wealth :)

There are some absolutely stunning pieces available. I was pretty fond of the leaves and hearts, and then I saw this one.

I didn't expect myself to like it as much as I did! I would think a solid piece of metal would be gawdy even though I am pretty unconventional in my tastes. But this one seems pretty gorgeous, I think I would have to see it in person, though!

I do love the idea of a platinum emerald cut.

Honestly, I came here to find out about getting steem monsters boosters but instead ended up staying for the jewelry. I like to think I am pretty practical. I've never been a fan of diamonds and I'm always floored when I see people talking about how much they spent on a piece of jewelry. Especially when they are paying more for the appearance than the actual worth.

To me, this would seem like an amazing engagement ring. Instead of a "look at this shiny thing I got you". It is "This is an investment in our future".

I freakin' love this concept. Thank you for making me aware that it exists, @goldmatters!

I love this comment :) Please let me know if you have more questions about Mene. I write at least 3 blogs a day about the company for the last year or so lol

Love this idea

Here's mine! I did a post 'cause I was inspired by goldfashioned:


This is so awesome . ENTRY ACCEPTED


My favorite pice is the Linear Link Necklace... Why?
Where do I begin....

For one: Untitled 2.png
323.55 Grams. Now that is a piece worthy to be around my neck during any occasion... I think I would even wear it to bed every night.

2: Just look at that thing, not only is it magnificent, majestic, beautiful, bold, brilliant it's also BIG! And you know, running wild as an alpha wolf... It's literally do or die so you have to go big or go home!


4: At the low cost of only $14,792.71, and my current steem wallet, steem price would only have to go to $6.27 and this beast of a chain would be around my neck in a heartbeat. ($14,792.71/ 2,360.234STEEM).

5: Many people would say that this MENE cake is beautiful...IMG_2757.jpg
However, to them I say..."Imagine those golden beads replaced by MENE's 24K ethically sourced, antimicrobial linear link necklace. Yes, visualize that....and now perhaps, you will begin to grasp the true beauty of Mene investment gold...

What an awesome entry Alpha! Beautiful ! Entry Accepted!

Please vote for my posts again and read that might be useful for you

That's an amazing investment.

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Nice post

This is good opportunity to grab booster pack , I will surely participate and grab it , thank you bro

Please vote for my posts again and read that might be useful for you

This is probably the toughest question I have ever had related to Menē. A simple answer would be “the dice”. However, this is incomplete due to there being four, yes FOUR, options for the dice. For those who aren’t aware the following options are described below:

  • Gold Brushed Dice
  • Gold Polished Dice
  • Platinum Brushed Dice
  • Platinum Polished Dice

Deciding my ultimate favorite between these four options is almost impossible. I only have two of these in my possession currently. They are the gold polished dice and the platinum brushed dice. Well they reside with @sevinwilsonsdad to be honest.

Sticking with my gut and my original purchase of the dice, I’m going with the gold polished dice. It’s beauty and flat out use cannot be understated. Scoop up a pair of these dice and they can used together to play a game of monopoly, backgammon, or to shoot some craps.

There is something special about a dice as it is six sided and each side has an equal chance of getting rolled. The ultimate reason why the dice is my favorite Menē item is because of where the “Menē 24k” stamp is located on the dice. This stamp is located on the #1 side of the dice and in case you did not know it is because Menē truly is NUMBER ONE when it comes down to investment grade jewelry. Nobody in the industry can compete with the quality, pricing, designs, and referral program that Menē offers!


Great thorough answer @sevinwilson ! Those dice really are some of the coolest things ever to preserve your wealth with :) Entry accepted

Yeah, you may as well just give @sevinwilson the packs already!!

Totally forgot about the dice... Ohh the dice 🎲❤️

I really like this one as it feels to me like not only a unique piece adding value to the base metal but will also wear well due to the coils obfuscating any knocks.

Be nice to win as these would be my first SM booster packs!

Thanks so much for reading! Entry accepted

Thank you for running the contest!

When I was a child my mother had a subscription to a magazine- the name of it eludes me now- but I vividly recall the jewelry section. Every month- after she was finished with the latest issue- I would take it to my bedroom, and sitting cross-legged on my plush pink throw rug I would cut out my favorite pieces with a pair of construction paper scissors and glue them into a photo album.

It was a wish list, and it evolved over time.

Initially I chose flashy jewelry, rings studded with rubies and emeralds, necklaces adorned with diamonds and sapphires, but over the years my taste became simpler and far more elegant. One of the last rings I ever snipped from a magazine (this pastime evolved as well...to teen heart throbs that went up on my wall ;0) was identical to this:


And I find that I still quite love it!

The nostalgia alone was worth my time perusing the pages of mene- very cool @goldmatters, thanks for the trip down memory lane :0)

What a cool and personal story! Thank you for sharing this :) entry accepted

There are few things I love more than having a childhood memory triggered and if it wasn't so late I would probably call my mom and ask her the name of that magazine- super glad I ran into this post, and by a fellow steemit veteran too- sweet! ;0)

My favorite Mene 24K Investement Jewelry is a moving target! At this very moment, it is the CUFF RING.
It is my very favorite, and to ensure myself that I will not be denied my favorite Mene ring, I got it on Harvest Plan! And that is one advantage of having a Mene account. Mene provides a way for someone like me to afford my favorite ring! HOW COOL IS THAT? For a precious metal stacker who is a "spender" like I am, it is very difficult to "set aside the cash for a future bigger gold coin"... if I don't spend it on metals immediately, it will be spent on stuff and fluff. SO I end up buying silver coins, and bars that may not necessarily be what I want. But with Mene... I certainly WILL be able to get my favorite 24K Gold Cuff Ring!

This is excellent! entry accepted

lol have you ever denied an entry? I don't know why but "entry accepted" is making me giggle haha love it


  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I feel so lost when it comes to Steemmonsters @goldmatters, I think I missed the tutorial.

But my favorite Menē piece is the Eternite Medallion in 24k Gold, followed closely by the 24k Platinum Fraternite Lion Pendant. I keep putting both in my shopping cart...debating, turning them over, overthinking. Resteemed! Good Luck everyone!


Update: just bought it lol!

Whoa!! You bought it that awesome :) entry accepted!

Can't wait for it to arrive @goldmatters! It looks great😊

It has changed several times since you introduced me to the delights of #mene. It used to be the gold packman but now I'm currently working on this and it's my favourite piece at the moment.

Im hoping to get a "K" and "M" and have this sat in between. This will definitely win me extra brownie points with Mrs welshstacker


Great answer Welshie! Entry accepted!

Does it matter that I don't have a
Steem monsters account yet. 😂😂😂

Better sort it out just in case 😉

Lol do it! You might be able to stack GOLD steem monsters

Hi there another great contest!

I love mene's jewelry designs it is simple yet gorgeous. I would like to have those big cuffs as an investment but well my finances cant as of the moment, I even bought a gold jewelry on my first pay out here on steemit so ye gold is a good investment. I got my $100 invitation limit in mene saving it there in the future so goin back.


That pac man charm is my favorite 😊.
I used to play pac man with my mom when I was a child. My mom would always told me to play pac man when I have problems cause you gotta concentrate and be mentally alert then forget about the troubles in life. Yes I was so bullied at school before. So that game became my sanctuary. Some day I will get that I know I can. I wanna look at it each day and concentrate on my goals in life. Ye just sold my gold that I bought from my hard work on steemit so I can buy a camera to be able to make more quality posts and join photo contest.

Sorry I was kinda dramatic but yeah that's why that piece is my favorite, a lot of good memories with that game I wanna recall my childhood days whenever I wear that.

Thank you for sharing this story :) Mene has something called a Harvest Plan where you can lock in the current price of gold and pay incrementally over time . Check it out : https://steemit.com/gold/@goldmatters/plant-golden-seeds-with-mene-harvest-plan thank you for your participation,entry accepted

That sounds great! Will try that out.




I run THE steemdecathlon

Awesome choice! The top is so awesome :) entry accepted


I chose the narrow band because it gets full marks for sophistication, practicality & functionality.


@crystalhuman and I met just over two years ago via a Namaste group on Facebook. He's originally from the US, while I was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago (just off the coast of Venezuela). Cutting a very long story short, he sold all his shit to come live with me and we've been together ever since.


Unfortunately due to our government grossly mismanaging our resources (like most do) and the massive influx of immigrants because of the crisis in Venezuela, tensions here have been running high & crime remains a major concern. Let's just say we've had our fair share of racism, be it from cashiers at the grocery store or the unwanted attention from men in the streets.

It is for ALL of these reasons, that I went with narrow platinum band. Though inherently valuable, it can easily be mistaken for silver and thus is less likely to draw a lot of attention, while still giving a clear enough statement of 'TAKEN.' I also bake often, so while I loved the clover & evil eye rings, having a simple cut with smooth edges makes for easy & quick clean up. :)

Thank you for the opportunity to participate @goldmatters and best of luck to everyone who entered!
fingers & toesies crossed

Wow thats a super interesting entry ! Entry accepted :)

EEEEP!!!!! Thank you very much! :D

Every QUESTION beg for an ANSWER
Every Secret have a KEY that can unlock it
Wealth have secret and the secret it the KEY
Investment have a secret, the secret is the KEY
Without KEY, no closed door can be opened

Mene is a about investment, preservation of wealth. But what is even greater is how the company remind us of our past, current life and future with carefully designed jewels.

Every product is symbolic, stacking these products is all about stacking gold jewelries that represent your personality.

This 6.92g of Key Pendant represent who I am, how I think and where I am going. I always look for KEY to everything. Having this pendant on my neck will remind me of myself.

There Is A KEY to Everything


Great answer @autofreak ! Entry accepted

Thank you

I with you on your mission on promoting goldmoney and menē, 2 exciting new company, great for precious metals and crypto!
image goldmoney event at the Lincoln center, nyc

Fantastic!!were you there??

Yes I was! I got to meet and talk them afterwards also.

4E177C2F-EDEE-4A09-8CE4-508C894B0FD6.jpeg thats awesome :) thanks for showing me that

Hi, great giveaway from you! :)

I love the 'Unicorn Charm' (gold - because I prefer the warm golden color over platinum).
I like how detailed and brilliant the face of the unicorn is made. It's a really unique and fascinating mythical creature. And this suits anyhow so well to a Steem monsters giveaway of cards full of other mythical characters.

Will the unicorn make friends with my legendary dragons? :)

Yes I love the unicorn charm as well! Entry accepted :)

Mene spin Top is my favourite mene profuct so far apart of the fact all Mene products are awesome.


It make me remember my childhood spim top of silver thats why this is my most favourite mene product.

Oh yeah! I love that item, I need to get one. Entry accepted

Oh yeah! I love that
Item, I need to get one.
Entry accepted

                 - goldmatters

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Entry not accepted

Lols, you are playing with bot's head:)

My choice would be the Classic Flat Band. When i think of gold, i think of a cold, hard mined mineral that is rough and heavy. But soft and elegant. When looking at the classic flat band it looks tough and manly for a precious metal, but elegant with its sharp edges. It looks like a ring someone would be wearing back in the day, a raw mineral by itself in its best form.

Thank you, entry accepted !

I don't have a favorite piece. The Free Mene pieces are my favorite when they show up. Then my favorite piece was the Platinum Princess charm because it put a smile on my daughters face. My next favorite piece will be when my Platinum Bead charms arrive as they will put a smile on the face of my better half. Then my favorite pieces will be when my harvest plan is paid and my other daughter and son get there zodiac sign and shell charm.

So I guess my favorite piece of Mene is....all of them.

Lol great answer :) entry accepted

My favourite piece from Mene is still the gold dice! Just because it's bad to the bone! :-)

DC32726C-D98A-41C8-887C-CE540B65EEF1.jpeg They might be my favorite too :) Entry accepted

I'd pick the mene hex cuff. MENE.jpg

Though its probably made for women, I'd ball out with this in place of a watch. Time don't mean shit if i've got gold money! :P

Thanks for this competition! woop woop

Good choice :) Entry accepted

I have no doubt about my choice: the gold dice. Why? First, it is Gold. Second, as I love playing craps, it is the logical choice. Simple.

5F2449D2-F358-4A5B-801F-9E4F2CB8A65F.jpeg entry accepted

This Sagittarius charm is amazingly beautiful.
I love the authentic look of MENE jewelry and would like this hung on a leather strap around my neck, to remind me of the Sagittarius man that I am!

Excellent answer! Entry accepted

There has only ever been one choice if you are a true stacker!

I must have this in gold!

The Wave Stacking Ring Set!

This is how you add to the stack with Mene!

Heck yeah!! I love it! Maybe a good harvest plan candidate :) entry accepted

I love the enveloping style of the earrings, they are elegant and at the same time simple, they will not leave me bad in any occasion for having a versatile design, beautiful and perfect for me.


Yes! They would look great on you! Entry accepted

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Nice competition idea :)

After having a look around the site I think my favorite piece would be this 24K Gold Dice pendant

I like it because I've always loved the idea that the world is ruled by probability and chance, and that a good understanding of those concepts can be used in every single field of expertise that is.

I love Nassim Taleb's work on the use and abuse of statistics and probability, which he's organized as a multi-book spanning Essay collection entitled INCERTO, which includes books like Black Swan and dive deep into how probability is used, and misused, in the modern world.

To get back to that dice, one thing I also love about probability is it's role in boardgames.

I love being able to lose or win not only because of a good strategy, but because the "dice were with me".

Seriously... some of my friends look at me funny when I manage to get just the right combination of cards 10 times in a row one night, then on another night I keep getting unlucky draws...

I usually joke that I've been doing something with Lady Luck, and my luck depends on how well I performed the night before ;) ;) ;)

Very interesting explanation ! Entry accepted :)

Thanks :)

Who shall win... the Followers of the Dice... or those other guys and gals ? XP

OH, and the reason It's not the actual gold dice themselves is that I feel they'd vanish mysteriously the moment I took them out to play a board game.

Most boardgames require lots of people, so you might not know everyone, and one of my favorite things is going to board game bars and playing after a busy week.

The necklace would allow you to discreetly rub it for luck while playing, while the dice would probably vanish if you played with them XP

Awesome giveaway :)

I like the below Pendant. I was viewing the pendants and I first thought I would likely pick one of the animal ones such as the lion but the Star Pendant stood out to me. Almost like it was calling my name. A simple design but also very cool looking.

Excellent :) entry accepted

I signed up today and looked around a bit.
I have huge hands and fat wrists so much of the bracelets and rings aren't for me.
But I do like the horoscope charms if I were to get my scorpion it could go on a bracelet made of paracord.

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Fantastic ! All the charms come with a free leather cord :) entry accepted

That would be awesome. Do you know if the enclosed leather band can be sized at time of purchase?

Posted using Partiko Android

83C2B98C-3E2D-45A4-91DE-DD82FD141802.jpeg Thanks for the question :) here are the sizes available

Thanks @goldmatters for making this competition .

My favorite is Heart Charm 2.65 grams. Its very simple but so elegant ,. The shape explains everything. If i would have a chance to buy this charm I really want to give to my daughter . It's a precious gift symbolize of my eternity love for her.


Great choice :) entry accepted

The Bolt charm for sure!!!

I would never understand why its not more popular. Maybe its the engineer in me...... I wonder what would happen to this world if all the bolts of this world were to suddenly disappear? Okay so I am being a little bratty here but the first time I ever laid my eyes on it, I just knew that if I ever had money to buy some gold then it was going to be the Hex Bolt charm.

It is everything A man like me could ever need. Its Menē and made of real gold, its a hex bolt that is made from real gold.....I am not sure if can explain it any better than this.

I am a man with a heart of a kid. I want that bolt in the palm of my hand so can play with throughout the day - At work, at home, in the park, while I grocery shop.... It would hang from the rear view mirror of my car as I drive and would be clutched in my fist as I sleep.

Yes, you heard me right. This charm is not about wearing gold. This is about playing with gold :-)

Great answer @hashcash! Entry accepted

Thanks man!!!


Will you enter?

Hi! If I had opportunity I would choose a Amour Medallion for my wife.

because this charm reminds me about that time when we met at the first time. It happened 3 years ago when I saw her going with a bunch of balls in the form of a cupid and a huge bouquet of flowers. As I later knew, when we began to meet with her, she went to the wedding of her sister. She was incredibly serious and beautiful in the evening dress and at the same time light and airy with this bouquet and balloons. And that I think was love at first sight. Since then, we have always been together and now we have been married for over a year. That's why I can say that this medallion caused such strong emotions and memories. And that's why I want it on my beloved wife!


The Virgo Charm, I digs it!

Fantastic! Get $5 off with my invite link :)

Yes I set up an account already. I will purchase it eventually. The charms will be intertwined with my forming dreads lol

Awesome :) I cant wait to see the unboxing post!

Platinum pacman, ive always been a gamer, it speaks to me. Thanks for the giveaway. :)FireShot Capture 6 - Pac Man Charm I Menē_ - https___mene.com_charms_platinum_pac-man-charm-platinum.png

Great choice! I have this one :)


I love this ring, and hope to buy it some day!. I work with tools all day and this looks like a nut. It's manly, but not "in yo face" manly. also it's simple, not too flashy, I like simple things

Thanks for entering @fat-Elvis! Entry accepted

I am not sure why but I just love this spinner. It is like inception meets the Kardashians.

Totally. A 50 grams thats an awesome little spinner !! Entry accepted

I love evil ring eye!

It looks strong, mysterious, dangerous... I think I would feel I have special powers with. I also looks like a hidden secret. It makes my imagination fly.
Very good design, original and dared.

Yes good one!! Entry accepted

My favorite was going to be the dice - but I no longer see them on the site.
Next i was going to pick a charm because I love the low cost of entry, but I can't get over the 10g Menē Cube Pendant. Its perfectly small square - and look amazing when you get 2-3 together. Plus it would be fun to stack them up!!

Excellent choice :) those cubes are super cool. Entry accepted

If i could pick one thing fro the mene collection that i think i would use daily, it would be this chain. I like the shorter length and the bright colour of the 24k gold.


Good choice. The chains are excellent value. Entry accepted

The Lion

Being such a strong symbol of leadership, of power, I could not simply ignore this figure.

It represents everything that is the life of the supreme being, of the king, of nature, and although I long to see it in gold, the fact that it shines in platinum gives it a more special meaning, like that of an albino lion, which is strange per omagnific.

I love the piece and I hope to be able to acquire it at some point, since it would be great if it symbolized my spirit as a leader, as a winner, as a king.

Ah! and that of pacman, it's the best! I am a fan of video games and I love it because it would be the perfect gift! It's a very fun piece, too!

thanks for the chance!

Good choice! Entry accepted!

thank you!

I confess, I'm not that into jewelery...but Mene does have some awesome pieces! Although, being a practical guy, there is but one thing that it is almost a must have:

A lucky dice charm!!! And come on, the reason is pretty obvious: how the hell am I going to chose the cards in the coming steemonsters tournament, if I have to make a tough choice?? With this... easy peasy! Just have to roll the dice!

Awesome choice, entry accepted

I love the heart i hand charm as I mentioned to you last time. it reminds me of the heart I make to my kids each morning and they just laugh and run off haha

Very sweet :)

I have these on my recently started MENE wishlist! If I can buy them someday I would be extremely happy. They match my personal style of wearing minimalistic and/or geometric patterned clothing so well - people would say about them 'they are so you!' :D My favourite earrings right now are wooden and round, bought for 0,90$ - Boy would I feel like I've upgraded my style with the square 24 Karats MENE cuties!

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 15.00.25.png

Good choice @soyrosa :) entry accepted

So I showed my wife the available collection and she chose this beautiful ring.


It was our 5th wedding anniversary recently and I think this ring would be a perfect gift to remember our wedding vows. My wife's face lit up when she saw this ring. I think she is hoping I would buy it for her. It is only $325.43, a reasonable price. My wife absolutely loved the four-leaf clover because it is a symbol of love and blessing. And maybe I will buy it for her one day...

Thats awesome!! If she opens an account there is a “drop a hint” feature where she can let you know all the Mene items she wants :) entry accepted

O cool. That’s a really nice feature. Saves me the trouble of trying to sus out of her what she wants each time. ;) Let’s hope prices of crypto goes up from here so I can afford it. Btw, do you know if they accept crypto for payments by any chance?

Mene absolutely accepts crypto! I have paid for many items this way.

Check it out :)

Nice. Thanks

I'm going to have to say my favorite piece is this spinning top:

It reminds me of one of my favorite movies: Inception.

Yes!!! I love that top. Entry accepted

Resteemed to my 7,000 followers! I like the gold dice because I like to play with my money.

Thanks paul!!

I like this one :)


Good one :) Entry accepted


Though it is costly but If I ever had that much money than I would love to buy this.

Because it looks like a crown of fingers. It show that the person wearing this jowel is something different and unique.
And very special, someone specially born.


Entry accepted :)

My favourite piece the lucky dice pendant. Looks mint


Awesome pick, entry accepted

I have always found the way in which old egyptians are represented very sensual, and I think that this bracelet has an Egyptian touch, I would love to be able to give it to my wife

Cool choice, entry accepted

So, I was going to tell you about the plain bands that I was saving up for. I wanted one in platinum and one in gold , but they're gone! 😲 Uh oh! But, I do really like this beautiful wreath ring.

I love the idea of being able to have an investment that I can wear. How beautiful is that?

So beautiful :). Go ahead and tell me which one you like and I’ll keep an eye out for you!

@goldmatters I put the platinum band on my wishlist and hinted to the hubby, but if, or rather when, crypto finally corrects itself, I may just get myself a gift! 😁Thanks for keeping an eye out! I missed out on the last coupon. It was really a good one too, I think it $100- off? I was really surprised and impressed. Usually, companies email out little 10% offers, but that was substantial enough that I might have picked it up right there. Sadly, I don't always get to my inbox and the coupon had already expired, but I believe everything happens for a reason, so maybe the timing wasn't right, or maybe there will be a new product that I'll love more coming out soon! (Although I doubt it- I just love the classic look of a band...) Anyway, thanks for doing the giveaway and giving us all the opportunity to enter!

Awesome :) thanks for your support @crowbarmama

@goldmatters My pleasure! It's always fun to read your comments. You're so engaging with all your followers. Many Steemians could learn from the likes of you & @coruscate.