Steem Monsters Giveaway 4

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Congrats to all the winners below. Let me know what card you want in the comment below. We have 1 winner from last week that has not yet claimed their prize. Let me know what card you want when you get a chance in the comments below.

This Weeks Giveaway!

I wasn't as active last week on Steem Monsters as I would have liked to be, so I will be giving away a Highland Archer.


To be eligible for this weeks drawing leave a comment below tagging a friend who may be interested in joining the giveaway as well. If the person you tag makes a comment as well I may be doing a little side giveaway for that as well.

Winners! (Last Week)

Winner #3 @deanlogic

Winner This Week

Winner #1 @ronaldoavelino

Winner #2 @avel692

Winner #3 @calisay


This is a @contestkings giveaway so a follow, upvote, or resteem will not be required per their guidelines.

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Woo hoo!!!


Which card do you want? You get to pick one.



pick the fungi :P


Mushroom Seer
I only need 1 of those to uplevel him. Nice!

Thank you!
I want the hobgoblin.
I forgot to tag. I tag @avel692.

I want the gold foil Highland Archer.
I will tag @ronaldoavelino

@funnel need a archer?

Thanks! I want the Mushroom Seer.

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Collecting mushrooms! Thank you! I tag @monsterplayer