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RE: My First Steemmonster Battle (Practice Battle But Still Awesome!)

Oh dear. It is as I feared it would be. I have no idea what's going on @davemccoy. 😢

  1. Who won? I'm assuming you as all @yabapmatt's cards disappeared.

  2. Are the numbers on the right of the cards indicative of combined cards and, if so, would you recommend we combine them now? (Earlier when I asked you said to wait).

  3. When the cards go to 0 does that mean you've lost them for good or they are just out of the game?

  4. Would you recommend buying missing cards. I don't think I have any complete sets?

  5. Where on earth does someone like me, who hasn't a clue, start? 😱

Thanks for your help! 😍

I'm off to watch the video again . . .


:) Gillian! ... you will get it... there is a lot to think about, but once you get the main points it is not so hard :D

Here are your answers:

  1. the black team (me) won, you are right. Making the other guys cards disappear is a good thing ;)
  2. I would still say that you should learn first so that you can pick your team 2nd. Once you pick what color(s) you like and decide your strategy, then you can trade the excess cards to improve your team you plan to play. THEN you can level!
  3. Only for the game. You never lose your cards in battle for good. They return to health for the next battle ;)
  4. yes, but only when you have your strategy in your mind. Usually you will start with a color or two and make them the strongest they can be. I'll help you make this decision when you're ready to think about it!
  5. I will be putting out a series of basics in the next few weeks. I suggest that you try to read these type things and just ask lots of questions. Pretty soon you will know what a "tank" "sneek" "healer" etc are, and it will seem super easy at that point! Just keep doing what you are doing, ask lots of questions and you will get it super quick! :D

Thank you so much @davemccoy. I'm glad you've got confidence in me at least. 😂

The fact that we don't lose cards for good makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

With regard . . .

I'll help you make this decision when you're ready to think about it!

  1. Just to be clear here. Making the decision will come after I have a strategy right?

  2. Is it possible to have a strategy before the game starts?

I'm looking forward to your basics series. If you fancy doing an interview with me (me asking you questions) to give you some ideas just let me know. I'll never be more newbie than I am now so am sure to have lots of questions those with no experience will have.

Right now I am able to ask really, really basic questions, as you can see.

I'd be happy to look at my account in advance and make a note of anything that comes to mind. 😁

yes... the strategy part all happens before the game is played... the gameplay will be just watching the results. I will help you when I put out these basic series posts... You will see, this is the fun part for me, helping my friends to figure it out :D

You will see, this is the fun part for me, helping my friends to figure it out

That's good to hear since a number of your friends seem to be scratching their heads @davemccoy. 😂

I'm really looking forward to reading your basics series. I could do with something new to get my teeth into. 😍

I have and will continue to do game play analysis videos on @monsterworld and don't worry if I just saw this video without knowing anything I'd be confused out of my gourd.

Glad to hear I'm not super dim then @jarvie. I'll try and find some more videos and see if that helps. If not, I'll wait for Dave's basic series posts. I don't even have the fundamentals at this point which I'm sure are taken for granted by people who have played these types of games in the past. 😁