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RE: Steem Monsters Ranked Play Season 2 Updates!

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It is a reward for the players who maxed out. The fat players made the coffer fat, so a little rain up top seems perfectly reasonable. Especially when to finish top 10 you would have had to spend more then the whole bonus prize pool.


Yes that's true...."to finish in top 10 you would have to spend more" it's exactly the pay to win mechanics, that should be limited as much as we can to make people with less money to enjoy the game. 30 booster packs rewards is 50 SBD worth "prize" at least, adding another 40 because you "spent more" it's a nonsense. Some players can't get out first leagues because they don't have money to upgrade cards. I don't really care because I'm almost in champion league but still I think there should be a way to make new player progression more linear

Completely agree. Im not a fan of the sbd distribution to top 10. You want to lift up the poorer players so they dont leave, so they can compete. Rewarding with packs is fine, but id rather use that sbd to pay for packs for someone that played a lot, isnt a bot and is stuck under a 1000 rating.

They have set this game up very well. Crying because they are rewarding the top 10 players with STEEM when the top players have contributed the most to Steemmonsters and have ensured its success in its ability to fund tournaments etc is obnoxious.

Great decks should cost a lot of time or money. Otherwise card values will crash if everyone just gets great cards for playing a lot.

Well i'm not cryng, i have my 20 free packs for this season. I'm just worried about the game as whole. We are in 2018 and pay to win mechanic showed to be a total fail since 10 years ago. It's ok to give extra reward to top 10, but I think there should be something more to involve -not rich- people to play this game. The card value thing is another big deal: it's true that more cards = value crash, that's why the game should shift a bit away from pay to win to something more skill based. Right now thare are really few teams that are op in almost every situations, especially when cards are maxed out

You can not compare this to freemium games because they are not the same. Cards having and retaining value because of provable scarcity makes this different then your normal video game.

Also pay to win means that you can only win if you pay no matter how much time you put in. This is obviously not the case here.

Pay to win means you can't progress in the game if you do not pay for contents. I don't think you can do climb the ladder so easily with lv1 cards :P

Anyway it's ok, that were just my 2 cents :)

Not easily but you can. You win the same packs that can be bought. Is it slower, yes, and you pay for it that way. Some games you cannot progress all the way UNLESS you pay, which is not the case here. They are going to sell 900,000 beta packs for $2 each. You want them to sell out asap, because that means more money for contests, but ridiculing a minor bonus when you may not realize they are trying to incentive the very top to keep pushing once they reach the last level or for other reasons is a waste of everyone's time. Just my business pov 2 cents :-)

Also, there can not be benefits for having more then 1 account, so giving free cards just for playing would create that problem.