Steem Monsters: Season Rewards!

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Another golden season ends for Steem monsters which brings with it more cards from the rewards. As in my most previous seasons, I was able to reach the Gold Division again and despite some challenges along the way to remain there, got enough to get 22 reward edition cards. The seasons are becoming shorter in my perspective although the time of each has remain consistent. I think this has to do more with the amount of players that continue to join and make it tougher to climb up the ranking points.

Although I am not having any issues climbing out of the Silver Division, once in the Gold Division I quickly reach a number of matches for which I have no way of winning given the level of my cards. However, I think the fact that I have not invested any resources in this game and I can still achieve these results are positive for anybody considering joining the community. I have been lucky to know somebody that is willing to make some trades and I often look to trade reward cards that I would not use anyway to complete more powerful teams in order to compete in the Gold Division. I hope to do the same with these latest ones I just got.

In the coming days I will try to get some new cards for my collection and teams. First, I will focus on adding to my collection cards that I do not have. These include some Epic that I think will help diversify the teams they can use while battling. I also want to try to get a Legendary or two that should help given that the mana caps have been higher. If I have the ability as well, I will focus on increasing the level of one of my Splinters as well. I am thinking that the Life or Death Splinters will be the best options.


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