Splinterlands Tournament Update + Plans (TL;DR SUMMARY)

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The @steemmonsters team expanded thanks to their recent crowdfunding. We're getting a lot more updates from now on, starting with...

Private tournaments

No need to go public anymore, just use a password!

The tech behind it

When you create a tournament, the website will generate a password for you based on your transfer, which everyone knows it's from you since you had to use your active key to send it in the first place.

Players can use that same generated password, which will be checked against the information steemmonsters got from you (a secret password based on your identity) when the tournament was created.

If it's all legit, then they're allowed to join your tournament.

Register to paid tournaments using tokens

Not just free entry, STEEM or DEC fees to join anymore. Soon, you'll be able to set your own token as payment. Right now the feature is already being tested using the Peak Monsters Tournament token you can use to enter whatever challenge https://peakmonsters.com/ is hosting.


To the visually impaired, design updates have been made so it's easier to navigate.

Coming soon

  • Multi-language support so you can access the website on your own native language.

  • Asynchornous tournaments which don't require you to be sitting at the computer, giving you a 24-48 hour window to simply respond with your team instead.

  • Guilds with roles, leaderboards, an ingame chat system, inguild rankings, etc. Creating and upgrading a guild will cost a lot of DEC.

  • Mobile version to reach more people.


Not much of a summary?

Well, compare the length and style of writing from this to the official post, then.

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I'm mostly excited about mobile. So cool!

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Agreed, it's a huge step up.

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