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RE: Steem Monsters Gameplay Mechanics Revealed!

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Im concerned about the battles giving experience that help monsters level. This would suggest that with every successive battle the value of the entire card pool is further diluted since it would be equal to buying cards and combining them. Especially in a platform where multiple accoutns could just battle each other. This runs the risk of cryptokitty dilution where overbreeding killed the game. Too much handing out of experience can kill the need to buy cards, which feeds the tournament pools here.

This seems both open for abuse and kind of self defeating when it comes to getting more value into steem over the long term?

I like what you guys have done here, but im hoping the amount of experience being handed out is low...


On behalf of those of us who can't afford to just go out and buy 100 booster packs in one go, I'm really looking forward to being able to level up my monsters through battles, and I'm hoping there will be plenty of opportunity to do so. If there is no advantage to battling, then why battle in the first place? Might as well just HODL and wait for the price of Steem to raise the value of the cards I have already. No, I'd much rather battle them, and earn some experience from those battles to level up my cards that way.

As you level cards with xp they still retain a level based on your summoner level. So you’ll need to level the summoner in order for the higher monster levels to be used

...which will ultimately increase the value of the Summoners on the Market, something I had predicted ages ago. 😉

Everyone was raving about their Epics and Legends and Gold Foils, but I always said that the Summoners are where it's at!

You have to have a summoner to cast that splinter of monsters. They scale as that summoner scales. If you played magic the gathering think of the summoner as a global enchantment for either your team , both teams or your opponents team . It all depends on the abilities your summoner has to enhance your team

We talked about this in the live show we just filmed.

They are aware of this issue and will do things to avoid some of this.
From what I got, not all games will add XP, mostly certain big games/tournaments will have this effect (of adding XP)

They could make a very small fee that is slightly more than the value of that XP they'll be receiving from playing in the tournament. There are lots of ways to combat these issues which you brought up which are very real.

One example is that if it's 1xp for participating we know right now from the market that this is worth about 3.5-6 cents.

I say keep the discussion going because we need people saying how they think things could be exploited... so it doesn't happen.

I’m working through this mechanic right now with @yapabmatt

Thanks for the link/feedback. Yes, I do hope this is addressed correctly, as it can spiral out of hand real fast.

Were working on a game mechanic for xp not to worry

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