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So bought a few packs of cards. See how it goes. Being a card collector and owning YuGiOh and PokeMon cards already...these were the epics I got. No legendaries😔

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I have a decent Collection of Tops and Donruss Baseball cards I collected when I was younger. But wth is this @enginewitty ?? And please don't tell me you were one of those damn Dungeons and Dragons little freaks growing up ?? ;) :)


I was. Also collected topps, Donruss, leaf, fleer, upperdeck. Did t really matter what the card was, just saw value in them. Like coins. I got some old return of the jedi cards even.


Sent you something😎

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

congratulations on your purchase!


Many thank yous😎

cool I still don't have legendary too...


I try again later I guess. Hope for the best!

Me too! 3 epics and no legendaries. This game will prevent many from powering up I’m affraid :’) #buybuybuy


LMAO is going to surely make the creators some money!


:') YES, because meanwhile... THIS HAPPENED!

#myfirstlegendary #areyoujealousyet

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 20.52.10.png


Ahhhh! I got two more sweet legendary yet. Congrats on the sweet pull!

Good luck with your legendaries next time!


Thank you😀

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this post made me buy some cards LOLL :P

Now I have to learn to play the game and now I need more cards LOLL

Bad YOU!! :D