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RE: My First Steemmonster Battle (Practice Battle But Still Awesome!)

That went all so fast! I had issues to follow :) I love the animation! It's a very exciting game! But I guess it will take me ages to learn how to play :) Thank you for the video Dave and congratulations on winning the sample game! :)


lol... not as long as you think... You can slow the video down to .25x speed. That will slow it to a mind manageble level. :P ... and you will get it fast... This is just the beginning, I will have many explanations out to help people to understand! ;)

Hahaha, silly me! If I won't get it fast I will try and try and try until I master the game! :)

Thank you for coming back to me Dave!

I had a feeling you might be like that... You seem like you do everything as best you can... So that will definitely come in handy here! ;)