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RE: Steem Monsters Fantasy Card Fiction Contest: Malric Inferno

What a tough life he had! But his father did a good job in training him. It must be frustrating to go into the battle feeling that if you lose you lose everything. You pride and eventually your family as well. But he didn't give up. He fought his opponent for hours (they must have endless energy) and then he won! It was a very clever step that he made.. to actually give in but take him down the hill with him and release him :)

Clever finish of your story :) I really liked it!

Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for reading, my friend. And thanks for the compliment. Malric Inferno is one clever summoner.

I don't play yet as I haven't found time to learn.. I keep planning but there is always something different.. will have to get into it at some point cause I hear so many positive reviews of the game :)

My pleasure ;)

It's an awesome game, but it does require some investment.