SteemMonster Daily Reward - 16 April 2019

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What I won by getting the SteemMonster daily reward

Total number of battles to earn reward : N/A
Ranking : 1000
Highest Ranking: 2955
Total Battles: 2846
Total Wins: 1493
Win Percentage: 52.46%


I was on vacation, so I didn't play for the last week. And, since I figured I wouldn't get very far in one day, I decided to just collect the Season Reward.


I had more than a few cards move to a new level. Not that it matters much, with my summoners being so low.


Deck value dropped a lot since I played last. But, the market cap went up. That's not saying much for the game. I see that they are trying to lure in Tron holders to play. Not sure if that means it is a good time to try to sell or not.

Number of cards: 130

  • Alpha: 24 - Beta: 48 - Promo: 0 - Reward: 58
  • Common: 67, Rare: 43, Epic: 16, Legendary: 4
  • Gold cards: 17
  • BCX: 1056
  • Value: $90.85, previously *$100.44

There goes the value

Total Steem Monsters Market Cap: ** $1,350,123** was $1,308,316

As for the continuing upleveling of here is where I am at.

  • Phantom Soldier is now 1/2 to get to Level 2
  • Manticore is now Level 2
  • Brownie is now 1/3 to get to Level 3
  • Lord Arainthus is now 1/3 to get to Level 3
  • Prismatic Energy is now 1/6 to get to Level 4
  • Imp Bowman is now 1/6 to get to Level 4
  • Crystal Werewolf is now 5/6 to get to Level 4
  • Divine Sorceress is now 5/6 to get to Level 4
  • Skeletal Warrior is now 3/11 to get to Level 5
  • Naga Fire Wizard is now 4/11 to get to Level 5
  • Javelin Thrower is now 5/11 to get to Level 5
  • Pirate Archer is now 8/11 to get to Level 5
  • Mushroom Seer is now 0/14 to get to Level 6
  • Undead Minotaur is now 2/27 to get to Level 6
  • Sea Monster is now 10/27 to get to Level 6
  • Flame Imp is now 4/14 to get to Level 6
  • Exploding Dwarf is now 14/27 to get to Level 6
  • Goblin Mech is now 17/27 to get to Level 6
  • Hobgoblin is now 10/14 to get to Level 6
  • Silvershield Archers is now 22/27 to get to Level 6
  • Creeping Ooze is now 26/27 to get to Level 6
  • Wood Nymph is now 2/54to get to Level 7
  • Sea Genie is now at 26/54 to get to Level 7
  • Rusty Android is now at 31/54 to get to Level 7
  • Highland Archer is now at 34/54 to get to Level 7
  • Vampire is now at 36/54 to get to Level 7

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Well I got 30 season reward cards but I would trade them with your without a blink. Not a bad pull for you. Of course it always could be better!


That bad?

At least I didn't get a ton of Vampire cards this time.