Just Bought Myself Some Legendary Steem Monsters Summoners

in steemmonsters •  2 months ago 

Well I couldn’t resist it and today finally bought myself some legendary summoners. I’m playing the tournaments these days and it is getting almost impossible to win something if you don’t have any of these summoners.


I’m only missing the legendary fire summoner at the moment. That one will wait a bit.

There are tournaments without legendary summoners but need to wait for those. Overall, I’m liking the game and enjoying the mental challenge that it is providing.

Would these pay of? Is it a smart investment?

I don’t know. Time will tell. The team behind the game is proving itself a lot. They are working on various different projects, like Steem-Engine etc. The made a crowdfunding worth 100k $. They are taking these games on the Tron blockchain as well.

Soon there will be market for delegating cards. The legendary cards will be the most wanted. These are all positive sides of the project. But there is a risk no doubt about that. I’m willing to take that risk at the moment.

I’m also thinking about the next crowdfunding campaign that they are making on the Tron blockchain. I’m tempted to participate in that one as well 😊.

All the summoners above are level 1. With these ones I will be competitive in the tournaments in novice league and the bronze league. In order to be competitive in the silver league I need level 2 legendary summoners. To get the legendary summoners to level 2, I need two more cards of each. I can’t see these coming in the near future.

On the tournament side. I would like to see more of those. There is not enough in the moment. There is tournaments every day, but for the lowest leagues there is one each second or third day.

At the end if I get bored with the game, I can always sell the cards 😊.
All the best

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I'm leasing a few of mine because they're absolutely necessary, but they're also terribly expensive. They will definitely help you out in the novice and bronze tournaments!


Yes they are needed. I have alredy noticed the diferense. Wasnt aware that you can already lease some. Those are probably individual deals.

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Yeah, right now the only way to lease cards is really finding someone in the Discord who is leasing them out. Peakmonsters is working on adding a delegation market to their site, but I think they're taking their time to make sure it works out well right away.

It's expensive even to lease them, though, and I'm not planning on doing it long term as I think it's really just throwing Steem away.


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