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RE: I tipped the Steem Monsters Kick Starter Over the Edge

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

Nice man! I was the one right before you :-D I almost waited to be the one to push it over the edge, but I wanted that sweet $200 level perk and was worried someone might take the last one!

I hope we can make it to at least the $75k flex goal listed at the bottom! The $100k perk would be amazing as well, $100 tournaments every single day. Let's keep spreading the word and maybe it'll happen!


lol, that's the extra Tier I took as well. They're all gone now! :D

I think we'll still gain momentum, with the Fundition version (crypto-powered) kick-starter certain to raise even more once it gets started.

Haha, high five good choice. Yeah, this thing could really go pretty viral and be one of the biggest things to be launched on STEEM thus far! Especially if we can get people interested that have no clue what STEEM even is. I love that they include the account creation fees in all the perks. Great way to get people's feet in the door :-)

That is definitely going to happen. We have plans on trying to recruit some real world Hearthstone, MTG, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh players, perhaps. That process will start in earnest pretty soon.

The game has so much depth already, and there's much potential to theory craft. It isn't only good for the economics that the in-game market has at the moment, but also for the actual gameplay.

I also agree on your point that we need to get people in that don't know what STEEM is.

We need it to be invisible, like Electricity, or air conditioning. People use it and they don't understand exactly how it all works.

YES absolutely. It's also so cool how, in the spirit of decentralization it's something of an open source project: people that sponsor the Kickstarter for large amounts actually get to create new summoners/monsters and have their voice in the game/cartoon.

You are spot on with the comment about "invisibility." The more streamlined things get, the less people should (hopefully) have to understand the complications of the underlying mechanics to just use blockchain for everyday tasks.

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