Ohhhhhh Emmmmm Geeee.

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I nearly peed myself with joy a few minutes ago! Decided to get a few packs, since I hadn't been buying too many lately and was feeling like we really needed some good fortune.

Thank you @aggroed and @yabamatt for creating such a cool game!

Was a little bummed about having lost my last three hundred NLC2 to Obyte in a poker game but this totally makes up for that tiny $3.00 loss!
Obyte is a person on nolimitcoinpoker.com, I don't mean the cryptocurrency. lol


After losing the tiny bit of NLC2 I had, I figured why not spend the last of our STEEM on some Steem Monsters. Seems like a reasonable decision!!

Feast your eyes on one of only nineteen GOLD FOIL PEAKRIDERS!


The current market price for one of these is ... $775.00

So basically, I spent 8 bucks and nearly turned it into 100x as much! Granted, that's only the market price, and whether or not someone will actually pay that for one of these cards remains to be seen. But, if you've been around as long as I have, you probably remember when Alpha Gold Foil cards were super hot and investors were grabbing them up as fast as they could.

I'm sure everyone who around can remember when @haejin was causing all kinds of commotion on Discord with some of his big Gold Foil purchases. If I remember right, he paid @bigdoge16 around $1500 each for a couple of them in particular.

There has been a lot of amazing updates since then, in fact, there wasn't even a playable version of the game at the time! So, if cards were selling for that much before people could even USE THEM, what could they be worth now that there is actually a game that supports them?

I'm not sure!

I put mine on the market for the time being, at least until there is a delegation market on peakmonsters. If it doesn't sell by then, I will just lease the card out to people who want to use it in Gold Foil Tournaments like this one, coming up in less than 4 hours

Update! This bad boy has been sold to @goldmatters! w00t w00t

Sign up for Steem Monsters

Are you a poker player? Have you heard of Steem Monsters Poker?

Well, I haven't been running too many games lately as things have been a bit slow over in my Discord when I make the announcements, aside from that, the devs over there are pretty busy preparing some nice new features, like being able to use STEEM on their site! The WSOP (World Series Of Poker) is also coming up very soon!


Join now! Maybe you'll get lucky and end up in the WSOP Main Event playing against the Poker LEGEND Johnny Chan!

Get 20 NLC2 for FREE when you sign up at nolimitcoinpoker.com

It's free to join! You have nothing to lose, but much to gain! In fact, check out this promotion they're holding.


Right now, if you are playing over at NLCPoker, you can win up to $50.00 in free NLC2 just by taking a screenshot of any hand you get that's a Four-of-a-Kind, 4 Aces, a Straight Flush, or a Royal Flush!

Read more, check out this official tweet!

I've already scored a free 1000 NLC2! Will you be next? Won't know unless you sign up!

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WowZah. Amazingly lucky... you avoided what could have been an embarrassing adult moment. No one likes laundry. What a chore.

LOL. Congrats on the great card too! What luck! :P

Nice score and ty for the mentions!!

Pretty darn amazing! So lucky!

Holy crap Congratulations !

You deserve this

That @goldmatters Guy Loves his Investments in Gold Steemmonsters..............

You probably peed yourself.

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OMG! Congrats!

  • How much was the price?

A few STEEM, hehehe :)

wkakakak great stuff!!! great sell!!!

woot woot noice

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How much did you end up selling it for?

Dude, Congrats!

Thanks bro! :)

Congrats, that is an awesome pull.
I can buy 800 packs and probably won't get one of these.

Thanks! But that's a terrible attitude to have!

It's just an exaggeration of how hard it is to get one of these cards. I am usually a pretty positive person.

Damn. Double damn.


Wow congrats, you really deserve this card for all your efforts and energy that you put into this community!
Hope to see you in the Champions League soon after this amazing sell!

Man that is lucky. Just think one day when someone pulls a card like this and it makes them a dolphin when it sells.

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Wow! You caught your lucky! Congratulations! 👏

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Oh wow, you are so luck @crystalhuman My son and I have benn buying packs occasionally but only ever get commons with 1 rare! lol! aCONGRATS TO YOU, and @goldmatters wow what a purchase!!❤😎👍🙋
Did I miss who won the Birthday Bash Raffle!? I seen your new raffle coming up and I will be getting some tickets for that as well!
EDIT, never mind I seen in discord who won

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Awesome snag! Have you used it in battle yet?

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Nice, congrats on the hit and on selling it so quickly !

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