Why I'm Stacking On Regular Foil SteemMonsters Cards

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Do you know what is going to happen on October 1st? Is now the perfect time to be positioned in a market that will never be the same afterward?

I've been stacking massively on SteemMonsters regular foil cards right now and I'm going to explain why.

October 1st - Limited Alpha No-More

On October first, the SteemMonsters Kickstarter will comes to an end and with it, the end of the Limited Alpha Edition Card Set. From there on, their won't be anymore of that edition found in Starter & Booster Pack.

Not only that, but in order to level up those cards to the max, a lot of players will combine those cards together and therefore reduce the supply.

Here are the number of cards that will need to be combined to max out each type of cards.


So in order to bring a common card to it's maximum, one would have to combine 379 cards. Let's take the example of the Goblin Shaman who currently has 23,763 similar cards in circulation. That means that if they were to be combined, the total amount of that card in to be played would be 62 cards!

That's it! 62 Common Cards of that edition!

A Massively Undervalued Penny Stock Exchange

Right now, I'm literally buying all the cards I can get my hands on for $0.03 and lower as well as any undervalued "rare" and "epic" cards using @peakmonsters website...if you intend on playing the market, this tool is mandatory.

Now, let's say you buy 100 cards at $0.03 (3.811 Steem right now) and then sell it for $0.06 later on(which already happened)...you've just doubled your money. But I'm willing to be for a much higher price down the line.

In my opinion(this is not financial advice), with the fact that these cards will never be found in packs ever again as well as the reduced supply from combining, I don't see how these card's price cannot go up from this price floor.


I know this one is short but I had to share the good news...even if you have a small amount of Steem, you can own a piece of potentially very valuable assets. All you have to do is join the Discord Server and get yourself familiar with PeakMonsters.com

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Steem Monster cards are real gems. A good opportunity to make some fortune in the near future... I believe.

Im sure that will happens if steem monster gets enough players! The biggest barier will be to bring new people outside steem, but if they manage to do that the game will definitely be a success!

I find it even better that in down markets the cryptocurrency has been facing. Some of those cards are even increasing in value as it has been happening.

I only made myself a somewhat basic 20 point deck the other day. Once in a while I put a little of what I've earned for the week towards something in that market. While I'm a gamer and I'll be more interested in playing the game then the investment opportunity it could hold. I can see why it would be wise to hold some cards just for when the time comes.


You can play anyways with lvl1 cards, I think in the future this kind of tournaments can be very popular. If you learn how to, you can organize a tournament by yourself which is great.

Steem's SM infected! I've had my complete deck on max "for a long time". I'm waiting for the tournaments and I'm currently building decks.

If it takes off... !

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Don't count that everybody will max out their cards, there are many sellers and people who won't play, that won't max out. It's the clever move if you're only going to trade by now. Later on that cards will increase their value a lot anyways.

I would agree with you if SteemMonsters battle system works well and people play it.
I will definitely think about it :).

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You will also be able to Rank Up the cards by playing them. So some people will rank up by doing that for free instead of wasting a bunch of money combining cards...

The value of my holdings in Steem since I started collecting Steemmonsters has dropped by 50% . . . The value of my Steemmonster cards as a whole has risen 25%.
When I saw that I knew the better investment.

Not investing advice, just an observation.

R. R.

hay is there any video or article through which i can get the complete knowledge about it so that i can invest??

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There are many articles:

Basic rules a good article by @davemccoy


Some sheets with abilities and basic rules also very useful by @onefatindian


I've myself some articles about the cards, explaining their role and strategy.


Great advice! Thank you @cryptoctopus. I agree with you that they will be scarce. But I think that cards can be also leveled up by playing and gaining experience, right?
Thanks to you, going to buy some more from PeakMonsters.com :)

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When demand increases price increases, and anything with limited supply will surely have increase in price as long as there is demand

I´ve also been spending my attention in the @steemmonters market and especially on @peakmonsters website. Great business opportunity, especially for those who don't have much money to invest, as you said a Penny Stock Exchange.