Where @steemmonsters Ranks in the Blockchain Gaming Universe at the Moment

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  • Last night I did the unthinkable, my eyes wandered a bit from the @steemmonsters platform to look at other games to see how my "homer" pick (homer pick=fanatic's favorite/closest to the heart, closest to home) and what I saw I cannot "un-see (my apologies to those of you whom English is not your first language there are people scratching their heads reading that of which English is their first and maybe only language)."

The Shocking Discovery:

  • Most of the games I previewed that looked interesting to me were very niche style games. Meaning they applied to smaller segments of the crypto universe than others. Gambling addicts will have no problem blowing their life savings on the blockchain internationally that is for sure--there is a glut of these games that stretch as far as the eye can see. Then there were some that looked pretty cool so I checked them out. I wound up finding one that I might wind up playing at some point, but am in no huge hurry though.

  • Many of them that are much more further developed (or currently up and running) among the others have their own little flaws, believe it or not. Some of the cooler ones I saw I could not get over how the characters were made like Fisher-Price characters, more for babies than anyone old enough to attend grade school or even middle school for that matter. Tons and tons of them are still in the preliminary stages not even developed for the public or in a pre-beta stage...much like there was here for a meager few months on SM (as I said before several times on here these games are not released as quickly as SM had been, though having some hiccups at the start the speed of development and enhancement is really astounding).

  • One of the other interesting revelations is that SM is probably as cheap or the cheapest asset accumulation game so far independently developed and running on the blockchain at the moment. Many of the other games are based on Ethereum tokens and other tokens that cost more to play...a $10 starter pack to begin is peanuts really when you get down to it. Some games again had higher more significant payouts, but again that was all based on the audience that embraces the games as you are more or less at the mercy of the market created by the number adopters of the game (sound familiar SM fans/speculators?).

  • So how does it rank with the other games? Very very favorably overall. It's probably the most affordable one out there, as far as dollar and cents go for initial and ongoing investment in many likelihoods. The graphics are better than most but not all, but does no harm in my opinion in the way other games do. Ability for universal adoption is certainly favorable but is of course an ongoing pursuit that is day to day as is any venture, especially blockchain related. I think this is fairly friendly for brand new people to start and begin the learning the game versus others as well. The biggest difference is that many others are built on Ethereum giving them more of an audience as far that is concerned with the plunge Steem has taken in value and its smaller market overall (more on this later on).

  • Last and certainly not least the games overall seemed very 'cold blooded' in their development. Meaning the game is out there, like it or not very little to no community feedback or listening on things. Indeed very much different than what he have been lucky enough to have at the outset of steemmonsters that is for sure.

    This among some other ideas for competitive advantage among all crypto games that came to mind to me after cruising the other blockchain games likely to show up on a post tomorrow. I hope to have a brainstorming session go on in the comments as I for certain want to hear ideas that are floating out there among you all.

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You don't have the graphic rank yet @cryptkeeper17? I wonder which blockchain games on top right now😆 I just play SM and haven't exploring other games though I can see the advertisemenrs on discords😊 but couldn't agree more with you SM is the cheapest but valuable investment too.

Ps: English is not my first language😊 but I understood your words😀

Some of them have a really nice graphic interface, but I did not see how that changes or interacts with the games. As I mention in the comment below, there was nothing that could steer me away from this on the whole when it comes to value, overall gameplay, collecting of the cards, and prizes (plus potential prizes on the horizon) for sure. Which does say a lot because I do keep my eyes open and this takes the overall prize for sure.

I would say on scale out of the top 1-100% based on all games I looked at that are functioning at the moment, steemmonsters is in about the top 25% of them out there at the moment, which is very solid.

I do really appreciate that Steem Monster is constantly trying to tweak the game. This makes it more fair and we do need to change some tactics from season to season!
What it also has is a great community playing the games, trading the cards and so on! It could be the Candy Crush of Steem!

Whoa that would be awesome if I did. Yep, the game changes faster more and more every season. The game is almost unrecognizable month to month due to all the advances at break neck speed, which is a good thing in my opinion for sure. In looking at the other games there truly was nothing that would make me pull up stakes and leave to that, and they have ethereum and all sorts of other competitive advantages if that tells you how this game is developing. I think a lot of people are going to be happy that are getting these cards so cheaply right now. There are other games that appear fun and cheap at first, but become money pits ongoing. Plus when the tournament structure is revamped and they figure out card delegation look out...there is no cheaper entry fee into something as free, which is possible on a massive scale when card delegation is available, or in the least bit $10 and done, and then mine for the rest in rewards and prizes. Thanks for the insight @fullcoverbetting best of the luck with the game and all things steemit.

Never have played a tournament! Just didn’t have the time or energy!
Some changes or for the better others seem like a burden! But at least they try!