Fierce Friday Steem Monsters Tournament - Over $100 in Prizes!

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Hello everyone! We are back with another Fierce Friday Steem Monsters Tournament! On Friday, January 4th, 2019 at 8 PM EST @clayboyn and I have a great tournament ready for you! I handed out these Steem Monsters promotional cards with starter set codes on them at the Richmond, VA Comic Con booth a month ago. They are awesome! They are up for grabs as well as some nice Gold cards!

I will be streaming the battles live on VIMM.TV - showing you all the battles and having a little side action!! Win some SBD or a few Gold Common cards as well to those who predict a winner to some battles I show! We will be watching it live!

They are not only very hard to find but a serious collectors item as well. Each card has a $10 Starter set promo code on them. You can give away the code to someone new or keep it for yourself . The winners of these cards will be given the code after the tournament via Discord DM. If you are in the USA I can also mail you the physical card as well if you like, just DM me after you win and let me know.

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First Place- 3 Starter set promo codes $30 Value Plus A gold card shown below.
Second Place- 2 Startersets promo codes $20 Value Plus a gold card shown below.
Third Place- 1 Starter set promo code $10 value Plus a gold card shown below.
Fourth Place- 1 Starter set promo code $10 value Plus a Gold card shown below.

Make sure your Discord name, your Steemit name and Challonge name all match! Otherwise when someone challenges you during the tournament they won't find you and you will be disaqualified. We cannot look for anyone not present in the Monsters Tournament channel. Make sure you check in! Those who do not check in will be automatically deleted by challonge when we start the tournament! Make sure to listen out for the next round being announced- Do Not Start the next round without permission. All battles are verified. Failure to follow these rules results in disqualification.

We will meet in the Steem Monsters Tournament Discord HERE

Ready to REGISTER? Click HERE

These cards are very beautiful! They are super shiny as well!







1st Place- You will Receive This Beta Malric Inferno Card Worth $10.58 currently. Also, you will receive 3 Steem Monsters starter set promo codes Value $30 sent via your Discord. If anyone lives in the USA and wants the physical card as well, I can mail it via USPS. Just DM me in Discord if you win and let me know. Screenshot 2019-01-03 13.56.13 (2).jpg

2nd Place- You will receive this Gold Alpha Cerebrus Current Value $7.14 along with 2 Steem Monsters starter sets Valued $20 promo codes sent via Discord.
Screenshot 2019-01-03 14.04.11.jpg

3rd Place- You will receive this Gold Alpha Crustacean King Healer Valued currently at $3.00 along with 1 Steem Monsters starter set promo code valued at $10.
Screenshot 2019-01-03 14.16.19.jpg

4th Place- You will receive this Gold Beta Water Elemental current value at $1.80 along with 1 Steem Monsters starter set promo code valued at $10.
Screenshot 2019-01-03 14.36.16.jpg

Register For Fierce Friday Here

Have fun and see you all in the battlefield! :-)

Steem Monsters Discord - HERE

Facebook GroupHERE

Steem Monsters Official Facebook Page HERE

Steem Monsters Official Telegram HERE

My IG - Steemmonstergirl HERE

Steem Monsters HERE

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May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monsters Rep.

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