Daily Battle of Steem Monsters

in steemmonsters •  last month

Hello friends of Steemit, today I come to tell you a little about how I was in the game of Steem Monsters with the element Fire and show him one of the battle that I won.

Well today was a bit bad day because I got a letter that I already had, but I'm not depressed because with it I can level it up. Although almost it did not cost me to obtain them because I had to fight with a Fire razar, which gained experience. *** The letters that came out were these:***

Steem Monsters. It is a game that has captivated more than one person, this game is from trading cards I have interchangeable, supported by Steemit blockchain. It is a very phenomenal and innovative application.

Thank you for reaching the end of my publication I hope it has been of your pleasure, I hope you in the next publication. Have a good night.

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