Splinterlands: Collection Power Totals for Leagues

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Collection Power League of Champions.jpg

(Fun Fact of the Day: I was trying to find an image to represent "Collection Power" but when I did a Google image search for "Collection Power" all it did was show images of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger toys!)

This post compiles collection power data for the various leagues, tournament categories, and editions. I originally planned to write this article back when Phase 2 of Collection Power debuted in September 2020. But now that Phase 4 of Collection Power has been implemented for tournaments, now seems like a good opportunity to finish this article.

Recently in Discord, there has been a lot of discussion about collection power in tournaments by @stealthtrader, @palikari123, @blackheart1, and @warrentrx.

I hope that this data will prove useful to @yabapmatt, @aggroed, and @cryptomancer.

Finally, special thanks to @jacekw for double-checking my math.

Special notes:

  1. This article only deals with regular cards. I will do a follow-up post with the collection power data for gold foil cards.

  2. Categories include No Legendaries (NL), No Legendary Summoners (NLS), and All Rarities Allowed (ALL). NL and NLS are mainly found in Novice, Bronze, and Silver tournaments. They normally are not used in Gold league or Diamond tournaments, but I included the column for informational purposes.

  3. Rare+ factors in that Epic summoners can use an extra level of Rare monsters in Bronze and Gold leagues. As a result, an extra level of Rare monsters (but not Rare summoners) is factored into the collection power. Rare+ only matters if Epic summoners are available, which are in Beta and Reward editions. So it is not very relevant in Untamed + Dice tournaments.

  4. In the Promo category, I am not factoring in the three Mystery Legendaries (Archmage Arius, Prince Julian, and Mighty Dricken) since they are limited to just 90 copies of each. Also, they come fully maxed out (at 32,550 power) so factoring them in would significantly distort the numbers for the lower leagues. If you want to consider them, just add 3 x 32,550 = 97,650 power to the total.

  5. All Editions consists of Beta (but not Alpha), Promo (but not the Mystery Legendaries), Reward, Untamed, and Dice. Please note that the power values of Alpha and Beta are actually fairly close since the fewer copies required to level up Alpha cards balances out the higher base DEC value.

  6. The totals will change as new cards are introduced. There won't be any new Alpha or Beta cards. But there will be new Promo cards (such as the next Mystery Legendary that replaces the Mighty Dricken), new Reward cards (as the current cards reach their print limit), new Untamed cards (the llama and otter legendary summoners along with 5 other future airdrop cards), and new Dice cards (4 future airdrop cards).

  7. If someone can suggest a better tool (than Excel) for creating tables nicer than the ones below, please let me know!

Burn Calculations  Novice 3.jpg

Burn Calculations  Bronze 3.jpg

Burn Calculations  Silver 3.jpg

Burn Calculations  Gold 3.jpg

Burn Calculations  Diamond 3.jpg

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