Splinterlands: Are You Cat Enough for the DYGY Kitty Challenge?

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Dygy Con.jpg

DYGYCON will be held tomorrow, Saturday, March 13th, 2021 from 10 AM - 1 PM EST (though some events run until 1:30 PM). You can find more details here:


or you can ask @chrisroberts or @carrieallen if you have any additional questions.

This time around there will be a challenge booth staffed by pro Splinterlands players. Attendees can challenge the pros in Bronze league games. There will be NFT badges for players who beat at least one pro and a special badge for players who beat all the pros. There will be 7 pros participating, with each taking on a different 30 minute shift.

My challenge window will be from 12:30 PM - 1 PM EST.

To help with throughput, I'll have two accounts available to challenge so attendees can form two different lines. One for @byzantinist (on the left side) and one for @byzantinekitty (on the right side).

To make things a little more fun, I will be awarding a prize from my personal stash. One random player who beats me (either byzantinist or byzantinekitty) at DYGYCON will receive an Untamed booster pack!

Furthermore, if we get the most challenges among all the pros (there's an internal pro competition to see who gets the most challenges), instead of awarding just one booster pack, I will be offering up 5 Untamed booster packs. First, three random players who beat me will receive an Untamed booster. Then two random players who challenged me (regardless of whether they won or lost) will receive an Untamed booster. Remember you need to be in line at DYGYCON during my challenge window to challenge me!

A given player can only win 1 prize but they can improve their chances by beating me with multiple accounts. If you beat byzantinist with your main account then you get one entry. If you also beat byzantinekitty with that same account, you do NOT get an additional entry. But if you then beat byzantinist or byzantinekitty with a different account, that counts as an additional entry (but you can still win only one prize).

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