My Steem Monsters Auditions for the Kobold Miner and the Pit Ogre

in steemmonsters •  7 months ago 

Why stop at one when you can do two! How many? TWO! I love doing these voice-overs, and I would LOVE to land another role. These monsters are just so much fun! I had a great time recording these auditions. I hope everyone involved with casting enjoys them.

Kobold Miner Audition

Pit Ogre Audition

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Good voices! I was amused especially by your Miner voice. I have been away from Steemit for several months. I was surprised to find the Steemmonsters. I might have to buy some cards and play. I am always amazed by the clever things people do with this blockchain.



Steem Monsters is a lot of fun! It doesn't cost much to start playing. I purchased a starter pack and I had received a few booster packs from contests and such. Most cards aren't very expensive either. And then, when you go up on the leaderboard, you earn more booster packs. It's a lot of fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Oh, and I think choosing our opponents would be good to practice AND for ranked. We'd be able to help each other out and strategise as we play and such.