Steemmonsters Booster Pack Giveaway for June 6!

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This giveaway will consist of 10 Steemmonsters booster packs!


1. You must vote on this post.
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3. You must follow @berniesanders.

That's it!

Congratulations to yesterday's winners, your booster pack has been sent to your account!

P.S. - Please vote for witness @nextgencrypto!

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Some of my leveled up cards!

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-06 a la(s) 14.39.37.png

Thanks for such contests!


I already followed you and commented. I am proud to say that I already purchased my starter pack on Steem Monsters because of your post @berniesanders


I bought another 20 booster pack and got a one legendary, lol.


Everybody were so excited about this monsters and count me in in this game. We cant wait for the tournament! 😄

its really great news for all

Voted and commented

Cant wait for the game

Good luck all.

Taking part because I believe.

Hi @berniesanders, i am your supporter since your war against haejin, last time i was depreciated by madpuppy, i hope you can help me now, i belive in you my friend!

done, done, done... love the chance to win!

A monster of a give away

💪 voted
Also commented.

You are at -10

Why it is -10 ?

LOVIN this game! Can't wait til tournaments are going on!

My Cards: (I now also have a legendary Phoenix elemental)


Your words... as wise as can be.... the way you meep, it makes me weep. <3


I have cards with me when I start the game Thank you

I feel lucky. Time to win a legendary card :)

Does it need to be an up-vote, or any kind of vote? :))
Seriously, @berniesanders, all this is amazing... except your username!

Woooohooo give some cards bro!

Finally got a Legendary....

Selenia Sky.png

i can't wait till i start to see some gameplay. Since the game is just alpha, will there be some kind of reset?

Does anyone know how this game will be played?

Congratulations :)
I hope I will have some luck next time.

Let's make bernies rep better again!!!

I only can say this...!


Give me my cards or i will kiss you 😈

These will be my first ,just hopin :)

Pick me, Pick me!

Can i use thie pack without the starterpack? If the answer is yes. I really would like to enter this giveaway

Yes, but you can't buy any more booster packs without the starter pack.

I was kinda ignoring the SteemMonsters thing but i might actually check it out if i win a booster pack.

I want to participate

How are you gonna select from 288 entries, until now? More to come

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I hope to one day tell my grandchildren the story how I got an epic from winning a booster pack from @berniesanders. "That epic paid for your parents education"....

hey there!!! awesome i hope i win!!!!
good luck to everyone.

have a great day!!!!

Voted, Followed -since a few weeks- and this post commented. Congratulations for building good reputation yourself, @berniesanders. Keep doing so...

Done :) Waiting for announcing as a winner

All done Bernie

Be good


Ric Flair Wooooooo!

boost the people's decks with your booster packs! ;))

Booster for a headstart

^^^ is addicted is booster packs, and has already spent all of his steem and sbd on them. Needs more cards.

I would love to get a pack :)

I hope I can win this time.

Seems simple enough

Voted, commented, followed....

great! Is my pleasure to particpate in this contest! this game catch me! Steem Monster RULES!

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations to the Winners :) This is a good opportunity for everyone here and also an encouragement to get involved in this new Trend :)

Good luck all ! Can't wait the first tournament !

Wow, congratulations to you all, Sir how can I participate?

I just learned about Steem Monsters yesterday. I don't exactly understand yet but I started buying some yesterday. Maybe, I will learn as we go on. Let the fun begin! :)

SteemMonsters to the dome!

Side advertisement of my SteemMonster pack contest:

When can we fight the monsters?

Hoping I will be lucky I am Sir

52 comments in less then an hour shows how much people are loving SteemMonsters. Aggroed must be sweating under pressure of delivering an amazing full game. hehe :D
We gained so much value with Steem Monsters its actually quite amazing. The volume of SBD and STEEM trade on chain must have increased quite a bit. A small economy inside a large one. And it kind of came out of nowhere.
Thx for the competition and ill have those cards now! hehe :D

On it.

Upvoted, following, commenting with lady luck by my side :)

Wow, just purchased my starter pack! When are the tournaments, can't wait. Than you for a chance to level up @berniesaners

Maybe now I have more luck :)

Thanks for this :)

new chance to win some cards yay;-)

so cool man

i dont have any monster cards but i hope i get some

I hope I will be lucky this time.

Excellent! Congrats to all winners! :) Feel the Burn!!

I would like to try those...

lets see if I get lucky :)

Does the comment have to say anything witty, or is this fine?

Yeah some booster packs!

Good luck to everyone and thanks for the contests

Excited for Steemmosters

If this game gets animated cards, people will say bye bye to Hearthstone in no time.

Sure, I'm in!

i'm in ;)
hope to get a legend one !!

I just bought my first boosters today!

wish me luck bruhhhh

Thanks for the chance to win.

You are really using this in an intelligent way @berniesanders - sure buildberniesrep will result in a +10 Rep before the tournaments starts.

Hope I will be the list

The second comment for more chances to win.


Bought a few more since then, I can't wait for this game.

I'm coming in, someone should please open the door. Hopefully, I'd be among the winners...

The third comment for having more chances.

Ok... :( this is the last one

Hey Bernie! I would love to win a pack!

I hope you are doing great

Cant wait to play some Steem monsters!!

Bless me with luck!

requirements met, count me in and gracias


A chance to win free Steem Monsters?


I'm in!

Help build bernies rep!

May as well thow my hat into the ring here.

Who want to like jokes in steemit so follow me ..


Boss: Where were u born?
Sardar: India
Boss: ok, which part?
Sardar: what do you mean by ’which part’? ... the Whole body was born in India ...

Thank you very much I have voted also commented

Might as well try as I got a Legendary from the last gift I've received :)

Wow I can't believe it! I am new on Steemit and this is the first time I win something. Thank you very much 🌹


This seems like it could turn into an addiction...

lol the tag, #buildberniesrep

I think the infamy of your negative rep makes you a more interesting personality on Steemit, but happy to help bump it up the slightest amount.

Also voted you for witness.

Hello @berniesanders. I would love some more monsters for my collection. Thanks for the opportunity. =)

Thanks for the giveaway

Nice giveaway !

This looks like a lot of fun. So much interest in it too! Should be great! These giveaways are nice @berniesanders.

New day, new giveaway... Thanks for giving back to the community.
GL to all, but I hope I win :D