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Here are mine!

I also can´t wait to play those tournaments.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-30 a la(s) 18.00.08.png


Two Spirits and a Lord of Darkness! I really want the Lord of Darkness, but no luck yet :D
Glad to see so many excited Steem Monsterers.

Another thing I want to share here...

This was my best Booster Pack probably, since I got 1 Epic and 1 Legendary in the same Pack

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-30 a la(s) 06.22.57.png

Also, I would like to ask everyone here how much you guys think that Legendaries could be worth later on once the game is running and demande increases.



Wow nice pull! You've got some luck on your side :)


Here are mine @berniesanders. Still trying to build 'em up, but fingers crossed waiting for the tournament to start

OMG! I was excited to get my first Legendary... and now I feel... so... inadequate.

stalks off to buy more booster packs

Screenshot (13).png

I do have a little more than a handful of Epics... plus, my little guys keep getting stronger. 😎


I bought more... and each time I do, I send some to my hubs @chrisroberts. MOST of his EPICS and LEGENDARIES are from me.... and I just sent him two more EPICS...ME? Nuttin'. LOL!

I will rule with the many- turned into the strong!

Damn! Can steem monsters be transferred to another user? haha!


Not yet, but I believe that feature is coming. @aggroed can confirm.


Yes! Steem monsters can be transferred to another user

When do they start? I don't know if I get to buy a deck until tonight :)


Not for some time yet, they're still working on the site.

Might regret this, but I've been combining.


Rosanne so fun to see you on this feed. @jarvie and I are super excited for this game!


Ah, I saw this so late! I'm super excited too @sjarvie5 and @jarvie! :D

Wow how many packs did you open?!

gathering money to open some more packs!


At this point I'm sure I've opened well over 300 packs...


That's a lot buddy
Your gonna own us all in the tournaments!!!💪

Patiently waiting for the tournaments to start

Impressive collection! :D Can't wait to play!
Here are my Legendaries so far...

My Epics are coming along nicely as well!
I don't think I'll ever be ready... LOL

I am still stuck with one legendary monster hmm I definitely need to buy more booster packs haha
Can't wait to use my monsters to fight against other ppl

One legendary so far! Chromatic Dragon


Awesome, I'm actually trying to get another one of those!


You already get everything i think, 9 legendary is really awesome!


Congrats, you made the @steemmonsters news for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Just tw for me for now. Guess I need to bulk up on Booster packs and catch some of you heavy hitters!


the upvote on this comment is almost enough to buy another booster pack! Thumbs way up!

I hope some day to have a legendary card, i have just a common cards until now.

I assume legendaries are like Shiny cards or holographics from the Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh Days

First Legendary 10 Booster packs bought!

First Legendary!.png

Hm.. What is this steemmonsters that you're talking about? Must resist... Must resist... Muuuuuussst.. Reeeeesists....

Okay.. fine.. I give in. a few packs won't hurt.

I have a feeling that i would could severely rekt lol but i'm going to give it a go...

About 60 packs in and no legendaries yet for me :-/ Damn you statistics!!!

When do they start? I don't know...

This would be too addicting for me right now, I can't afford to risk buying a pack lol

I need to buy boosters ooo these many legendaries you got ....

is it hard to play it ?
I have never tried it, it seems fun :)

I don't have lack to get even one legendary or epic card. I show nothing.

Well I bought some cards unfortunately no legendaries just yet :( Hopefully one day haha

I only started today and am hooked already. Got lucky and found 4 legendaries today...

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-03 um 19.40.27.png

Still waiting for your gift 😋

I was actually expecting the announcement of those names who won as random commenters of your yesterday's post.

For any thing boss. Bring it on.


I'm going to pull that data in about 2 hours and use a RNG to pull the winners. I'll create a declined reward post at that time for the announcement.

Let SteemMonsters make Steem great again!

how many booster packs did you purchase to get there? :O

28 packs and still no legendary :(
WTB more! But ran out of Steem and SBD

I am pretty excited. Do you think they have measures in place to ensure that it isn't always the people that spend the most who win? I saved up some SBD over the past couple of days and was able to pick up the starter pack. I am not sure how things are going to go if I am not able to afford more expansion packs though. The fact you can level existing cards might be beneficial. I just fear I will always be behind the curve.


Yes I fully agree, hopefully there is some method to get more monsters and to be able to progress with time rather than just money!!


For sure!

Got one question how much packs you have opened in total to get them all monsters please be :) honest :) ?

Daaaaamn thats cheating... unfair smh you guys are loaded with legends. I got one legend, I need to step my game up. Sheesh

yaaa.....bring it on!

Wow! The Game is on :) Look forward to it, quite anxiously :)

Mine is here...
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.06.00 PM.png

... are you guys ready??

I am a chess player, yes, but without any idea about card games ... but it really seems I should try it out now. :)

Meh... Just one

I do not have any legendary :( but if 2 epic letters: '3


Oh wow, I only have 1 chromatic dragon so far, not lucky at all.

Thats really great! Will be waiting for the right time to start the battle :)

For some reasons I just got the good guys so far :D

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-02 um 10.06.47.png

Only one till the moment. I can't wait to fight you in the tournaments :D

I was so happy with my first legendary 5 minutes ago... now I just feel the need to get more packs, lol

Screenshot (3).png

This Steem Monsters thing was launched before i went for a small vacation and I thought how crazy are these folks - now back I am addicted as well - still short of legendary cards - this is what I have after 110 booster packs yet.