Giving away 10 Steemmonsters Booster Packs!

Here is how you qualify for the drawing:

1. Purchase a Starter OR Booster pack on in the next 24 hours. (Past purchases DO NOT count!)

2. Take a screenshot of your transaction from your Wallet page

3. Comment on this post with the screenshot of your transaction!

Good luck to everyone!

(This image was added for attention - it will NOT be given away!)

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BOOM Bought 50 Booster pack ..Let's see what i got from this packs.


Yeah, let's see what comes out of this.


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damn lol save some for the rest of us... any legendaries?


Yeah Got 3


awesome! don't forget to put them in plastic haha they will be worth a lot once they level up and get PSA graded lol


Wow @clove71 wants that Gold Dragon!!!!!!


Thanks for looking out! :-)


Wrapped my iPad in plastic to protect them.


Awesome .... lucky you. I have none so far. But I do have 3 Epics

Awesome Contest! kaboom,


who uses light mode ...

Just now Read That post and sign in to @steemmonsters and buy a starter pack. Untitled.png

Just now buy another one

Just did @berniesanders


And even got an epic



Are those epic and rare cards worth something?


They will be soon


Do you think this will become cryptokitties 2.0?


no because you cant battle etc with your cryptokitties they just sit there lol

I bought my pack of cards


woot woot!



also bought a pack

Got to record them all

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.08.00 PM.png

Hey that pack was for you!

Another one for more chances to win



Only got 1 rare from that pack. :(

purchase history.png



Boom. Kicking CryptoKitty Ass for eon's to come

Still batting zero for epics and legendaries. It's a conspiracy!

Interesting ..
Looks amazing experience
Well done, great post..

How much do they go for my sir?


$5 for Starter and $2 for booster pack.... so about .9SBD for a Booster pack at the moment


OMgosh!!! I can do that!!

Awsome jusy got some :DScreenshot_20180605-203845_Chrome.jpg

Your enthusiasm about Steem Monsters is contagious. :)

Did I make it in time for the cutoff?
Either way... got some cards now... and that's cool!

WOW! Find a rare priest

Bought the starter and two packs. No legendaries : (Screenshot_20180601-183902__01.jpg

Just bought my starter pack!


Bought 10 packs this morning, and got 1 legendary and 1 epic.

Lord of Darkness.png

Mischievous Mermaid.png


Those are the exact two "good" cards i got when i bought some packs :D


Hehe, not bad ;) I hope these cards will be useful when the main game launches!

Buy as 10 packs 15 hours ago, that counts :'v?





(in the next 24 hours. (Past purchases DO NOT count!)
It's literally in the damn post my man. Why do you even waste time commenting?

Now I wasted time commenting on your comment...vicious stupid cycle.


Calm ... now if it counts? Also my native language is not English, I can not understand some things so I apologize if I misinterpret .




Don’t apoligize if your native language is not english. I’m also not a native english speaker, and i truely believe we shouldnot apoligize ... the native english speakers should consider that not all speak perfect english, or have a tremendous vocabulary

HERE is Mine!



Just went balls deep and bought a 50 Pack!




woot woot!

when can we fight em?!


@madevi appreciated this comment via @poetsunit!!
Poetsunited - DISCORD - @poetsunited - witness upvote

Great game and great contest... I bought many packs aleady and love that you are supporting it!

Keep up the good work and lets have some fun with these!


30packs + live stream + giveaway!

What on earth is going on?

thanks for the GIVEAWAY i hope i win

need more games like this

Done. Got a legendary too 😁


Just got another pack, and guess what, I got epic. Second epic for me.


Woot!! -12 Epic Comeback!!

SInce the tournament isn't available yet, the only way to gain experience is by combining the cards?


Not gonna lie, the designs are pretty cool.

wow so much invest so much income in steemit

I just purchased a Starter pack and a Booster pack



I can't believe it!

but I'm poor!!!!!!!

And I don't use bots!!!!!



oh well, at least I have the starter pack and 2 booster paks already.

Took the Starter Pack After Seeing this Post

A video opening 50 packs from yesterday works?

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-01 a la(s) 15.47.26.png


awesome dude! okay i will not stop you, ;v

Great product sales bother, keep up

Alright, I got my first pack.

Wow this a good one sir, I will love to participate, thanks for this contest

This is my P.O.B (Proof of buy)


.. and not epic again....


Regards and thanks for this oportunity.

cool & nice

Drop on in peeps to the the unofficial discord called Team Steem Monsters - Guild teams are forming!

@ berniesanders I brought this just after seeing your post.

I've purchased my first pack and would like to be entered for this giveaway! I'm an author and I've entered the author contest. I spent the better part of the day creating stories around the characters found in my pack. I'm relatively new to Steemit! I'm thankful for the offer @BernieSanders!

Read my stories about Fire, Water, and Earth element characters I found in my first pack!

Fire Element Characters

Water Element Characters

Earth Element Characters

Thanks for reading my stories about my @SteemMonsters! Best of luck to all entered in this contest! I'm hopeful my stories here will suffice as a screenshot of valid purchase. I did screenshot the "You're in the game." frame. But, would have to place the picture somewhere before getting a sub domain. Please comment if you would like me to upload the screenshot somewhere. If my entry is accepted as is that's wonderful news. Please let me know!!!

Yours truly,



Does this edit existing in my cover count to qualify in the contest?

This ist fun!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-02 um 07.43.55.png


Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-02 um 09.53.42.png

I'm in it to win it!!!

This could be fun!


I think this is going to be addictive! I bought 3 boosters after my starter pack as was hoping for an epic or legendary. No epic or legendary cards

but i combined my rare Clay Golem to become level 2!


I have 2 of those.

Just bought 5 Boosters :)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-01 um 23.36.58.png

Didn't get a legendary, but at least an epic. Really like the new animations you get when you turn around rare+.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-01 um 23.34.39.png

Yay, a legendary is born.

1 minute ago Transfer 1.156 SBD to steemmonsters P-NE6LGEUEPS

Bought 1 hour before your post..;-)
I hope it is valid..

I was contemplating purchasing a starter pack before. This pushed me over the edge. Pack purchased right after reading this post!

Edit: Just purchased 2 booster packs as well ;)

Soo Game is game ;) Enjoy yourself Thankx :)

Just got into it


My starter pack :

Good luck friends I will buy another one tomorrow too!

Here's mine! Didn't get anything good though :(


Just now bought another one ...

Great project! How can we level up before the Tournament?

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.26.09 PM.png

So much hype. Really need to try this game out.

Looks like an awesome idea.

need some reward claims.. outta SBD for this contest.

You got a 34.25% upvote from @upme thanks to @ngc! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

Thank you for this opportunity to be in your contest!

I purchased a starter set and 5 packs. Here is my screen shot.


Got some for now.

12 hours ago Transfer 2.257 SBD to steemmonsters P-3TKIKDQTJ4
13 hours ago Transfer 5.683 SBD to steemmonsters P-EUZD33XT9S
13 hours ago Transfer 5.683 SBD to steemmonsters P-LLFYH3S8NK
13 hours ago Transfer 5.683 SBD to steemmonsters P-ROAI1PY8GG
13 hours ago Transfer 5.683 SBD to steemmonsters P-E6NR4LB19S
13 hours ago Transfer 2.841 SBD to steemmonsters P-ZDSTM4FNR4

I'm game to giving Steem Monsters a try. Found out about it from yabapmatt's post.


Just discovered Steem Monsters :) - I can see this being addictive haha.


I got too tempted. Thanks bernie.
Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 21.49.26.png

I already have my starter pack! yay


@berniesanders from your last post i feel that you are exciting about the game and you are getting power to fight the people with alot of power i am exited for the running rounds when there will be fight two on two , it will be amazing to the platform.

Bought my Starter Kit and Booster pack.....


Got 1 Rare and 1 Epic... I think. (Why can’t I see the Epic Card ?



Great initiative @berniesanders this should bring in a lot of new users...

This actually motivated me to buy my first pack!
Cause cmon, if the guy who yells at ned and dan can get behind this game then why shouldnt everyone else!

Lets hope this blows cryptokitties out of the water

oohh, I want to try this:) I have to wait on coinbase.. Very interesting!

bought a couple the day after it came out, looks really cool!

Went to buy the starter pack aaaannnnndd then I bought like 8 booster packs.... IM ADDICTED...
Bye bye, SBD :(
Hello Fire Demon ;) You can keep me warm.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.51.39 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.49.04 PM.png

Hey @berniesanders.. I actually purchased twice :)
Maxwell Bruno   maxwell95  — Steemonsters.png

Just bought 2 packs haha


I bought a starter. Saving up for boosters.


Good job collecting the whole set

Why not:
15 minutes ago Transfer 0.919 SBD to steemmonsters P-SQHZE65UGG
17 minutes ago Transfer 1.838 SBD to steemmonsters P-6I6PCC1DFK
18 minutes ago Transfer 0.919 SBD to steemmonsters P-XUO1M2KXTS
19 minutes ago Transfer 1.838 SBD to steemmonsters P-I34LFP013K
21 minutes ago Transfer 0.919 SBD to steemmonsters P-NCVDQNQ2DC
26 minutes ago Transfer 2.297 SBD to steemmonsters P-YAJQ79ZHN4

Clever design: incentivizes getting more cards of the same type. Because of combining for card experience.

Will this eventually allow for actual "playing" of the cards or are they just going to be collectibles. "hope they say yes, hope they say yes, hope they say yesssir"_

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Yes... will be games, tournaments. Will be Epic.


Bought 2 packs, lets see whats inside.
One epic magi of the forest xD


Thanks @berniesanders you brought me a Legendary :D



A simple way to earn money keep it up

No Legendary yet


Got one rare and 4 commons.


Bought 6 packs, got 5 epics

Hi bought some packs.

I just bought starter pack and one booster pack few minutes ago

BOOM Bought 50 Booster pack ..Let's see what i got from this packs.

Well you've roped me in, starter pack purchased!