Congratulations @steemmonsters!

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Those last few packs sold out so terribly fast.

NGC was smashing through the packs. Binance was the only limiting factor!

I really don't know what steem monsters is.

Great sucess..Congratulations.

Who would had believed this two months ago? Congrats SteemMonsters! You already made some history here!

Cheers for Steem Monsters!!

Where is the party?

Oh hell yeah!

Wow that's really amazing!
What was the price for 1 booster package?

That's a success, Congratulations.

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The last few thousand sold fast. It was at 8000 and I refreshed the page and it was at 2000. I jumped in a hurry and bought 24 packs. Once my transaction was done ..... there were 0 packs left.

wow, that's amazing that's freaking awesome.

Hurray to steemmonsters.. Cheers 🍻

These last few hours have been fun to watch the packs sell out.


Steem monsters has turned out to be a huge success. I know they never expected it would blow this big. congrats to @steemmonsters

thank god i bought one pack

Jesus, wasn't there 15,000 packs left this morning?

Congratulations On This Tremendous Success @steemmonsters