My Steem Monsters Collection - Update (2018-08-22) - My First Gold Card!

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Following-up on my previous post about my Steem Monsters cards collection, last week I got two cards in a giveaway. One was a Giant Roc (again!), and the other card was a gold foil Pit Ogre. My first gold card! I wasn't even thinking about getting gold cards yet, but somehow one came!

Screenshot with the gold Pit Ogre card

Image source: screenshot of showing the gold Pit Ogre card in my collection

As I don't have the funds to buy booster packs, I'm trying to build my collection through giveaways for now. So far, I've been surprised at how my collection has been progressing (you can read about it on my previous post if you haven't yet). If you'd like to take a peek at the whole collection, you can use this page on At the moment of this writing, I have 41 (excluding duplicates) cards out of the 59 total. Still no Legendaries, just a few Epics, and almost all Commons, with the Flesh Golem being the only Common I don't have.

And there's one more thing I'm still missing. The starter pack (required to take part in battles), which I need to get before September because the price will probably increase once September arrives and the game goes out of alpha. I'm saving up STEEM/SBD to buy it, and also doing an #upfundme campaign (all STEEM/SBD earned from the upvotes on the campaign's posts will go towards buying the starter pack, which costs $5 USD). Post #003 can be upvoted until Monday, August 27th (thank you to anyone who upvotes).

The September deadline is approaching, and at the rate it's going, it's obvious that the campaign won't reach the 5 USD goal (I believe it may reach 0.5 SBD at most), but whatever I can get helps. Regardless of how the campaign goes, I'm saving up STEEM/SBD to make sure I'll be able to buy the starter pack, and that I'll still have some left to help grow my Steemit account. Once I get the starter pack (in the last week of August when the last upfundme post pays out), I'll write a post talking about the starter pack, and also the upfundme campaign results.

PS: Some Tips About Giveaways!

To those like me, who are trying to grow their collections through giveaways, below are a few tips:

  • @cryptkeeper17 has been giving out some cards to people new to Steem Monsters, to get them ready for September. If you still haven't talked to him, visit his profile and look for his latest post. Leave a comment saying you'd like a few cards, and make sure to mention the word fanfiction somewhere.
  • @anixio hosts a Steem Monsters cards giveaway. To win, participants must guess the minutes of the first goal and first yellow card in a given football match. It doesn't need to be an exact guess. The closest guess wins! We have more chances now that not many people are participating yet :P . Let's get those guesses in!
  • At the time of writing this post (2018/08/22), @simplymike is hosting a giveaway, where participants must upvote the post, leave a comment saying why they believe they should win, and invite at least two other people to participate. The prizes are 10 booster packs and 10 single cards, which will be raffled among the participants.
  • The following users also host Steem Monsters giveaways. Visit their profiles and look for the latest contests: @dosdudes, @jonnyla08, @o07.

Note: this post was written on August 22 along with the Portuguese version but published the following day, so that it could benefit from upvote services that only give one vote a day. This is the reason the post says 22 but the publication date says 23. Just saying in case anyone notices the date differences and gets confused...

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Here's another way to look at your collection

Also there's a market there if you want to get more golds of course.


@peakmonsters, thank you for dropping by!

Actually, I had come across your site last weekend, and have been alternating between it and Steemmonstersdb. I must say I was glad to find out that PeakMonsters is reasonably accessible to screen reader software and blind/visually impaired users (unlike the current iteration of the official Steem Monsters site). There are some buttons that are only icons/images with no text here and there, and others that can't be focused or activated from the keyboard, but I was able to navigate the site reasonably well.

While we are at it, I'd like to suggest a feature, if I may. I wonder whether it'd be possible for users to have a page showing the history of all their received gifts and their purchases (or maybe even an activity page specific for each user, like in Steempeak). The reason for this is, I wanted to check the details of a booster pack I got as a gift, but don't have the pack's ID anymore and have no idea how to find it (since the pack was a gift and not a purchase, there was no wallet memo, either). I don't know how hard it would be to implement this, though.

Thank you for reading!

PS: sadly, getting more golds in the market is out of the question for me at the moment. I'm still worrying about getting the starter pack :P .


Yes a history is something we'd like.
It's a bit more database intensive on our end but i think there are some things we can do.



If the image-only buttons could get some textual identification for screen readers, it'd be great too.

Below is an example, copied and edited from the output of Firefox's HTML inspector. It's the reload button from the Explorer page.

<button data-v-daaf254e="" class="btn btn-link no-padding"><i data-v-daaf254e="" class="icon-reload-alt font-title-h3"></i></button>

Suggestion for a fix: add an aria-label with the text to identify the button (for example, "Reload"), and add 'aria-hidden="true"' to the "i" element to avoid possible conflicts. It would become:

<button data-v-daaf254e="" class="btn btn-link no-padding" aria-label="Reload"><i data-v-daaf254e="" class="icon-reload-alt font-title-h3" aria-hidden="true"></i></button>

And below is a link that can't be interacted from the keyboard (can't be focused by the "Tab" key nor activated by the "Enter" key like normal links do). It's the "View details" link from the Explorer.

<a data-v-da47812c="">View details</a>

Fix: this one is even easier. Just adding 'href="#"' would fix it and make it behave as expected.

<a data-v-da47812c="" href="#">View details</a>

There might be others, but I'd have to look into it more and look into how to fix.


Let's see if our developer @asgarth gets notified about this one. If not I'll bring it up to him when we start work on new developments.


Thank you.

Also, Steempeak has this kind of issues as well. The upvote button, for example, is an icon with no text for screen readers, and can't be reached from the keyboard. I haven't investigated too much, but there seems to be many other icons like that. A combination of my two suggestions (aria-label for the "a" and aria-hidden for the "i" + adding 'href="#"' to the "a") might do the trick... :D

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Nice collection @aiyumi. Just keep up w/ the good work!

ptgram power

Come win some gold! Thanks for the shoutout.