So much strength at the end of Beta!!!

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Ok, normally I write these kind of updates at the end of a season. So, it should already pique your interest that it's coming mid season. The topic is Splinterlands, the theme is ass kicking, and the state of the game is strong!

All time high games played!!!

Ok, number one on the list is we just hit the all time high games played. Normally we only get this close at the season end, but we're still a week away. We're posting the literal highest number of games we've EVER had, and we're not even at the normal high point... That's super strong!

State of the Dapps

Looking supah strong for number of users. Normally I'm comparing inernally, but it's good tocompare against other programs and tools. Splinterlands isn't messin' around on this chart!!

Big trading days!!

We're the number 1 NFT marketplace in the world. We're trading over $4000 worth of cards between players... TODAY! That's huge! Players themselves are the ones raking that money in!!!


We're kissing all time highs here too! If all we did was inflate then this wouldn't be moving up. We're bringing new players and new money to the game!!

Packs remaining getting smashed

Check this out, we're down to 9%. yesterday we were at 100k. Now we're almost to 80k. I really doubt we're making it out of September with any Beta Booster packs left for sale from us!

It doesn't take a rocket science historian to figure the next question out...

Splinterlands is having this kind of success with alt coins in one of the most protracted bear markets recorded. Steem itself has lost 95% plus of it's value since it's all time highs. We're responding with new features, new devs, new players, and selling out of cards while thew market explodes. What do you think will happen if there's a bull market? Can you handle the risk by winning rewards or renting cards out until we get to the bull market/season?

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greetings, @aggroed

On friday, i wil buy about 95 beta packs. i wish it wait me until there

thank tou and have a good night

I don't play, but I'm smart enough to know a good investment when I see one! I bought a handful of packs today! 😍

Just started playing this week. Wished I had started at least a month or two ago or more. Oh well, better late than never. Right?

I wish I had been buying Alpha packs when it started. I could have made a killing selling the tokens a month ago.

But, welcome to Splinterlands!
I hope you're enjoying it so far.

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Just be careful that you don't make the same mistake and look back to think "Man, I wish I had bought more beta packs when I had the chance".

I have plenty of Beta tokens now and I will hodl them for the time being.

But my main focus is playing the game and getting better at it.

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Can't wait to see what the future holds as it seems well on track to continue building from here as the community itself is so strong!

Let's see when betas get sold out!

Can you handle the risk by winning rewards or renting cards out until we get to the bull market/season?

SM is likely the least risky altcoin there is. I joined the crypto work late and the card playing world as well so I can't wait to be apart of any alt coin bull rush that may take place in the future.

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