My new favorite Splinterlands combo - Thunderbird, Angel of Light, High Priest Darius

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago 

Ok, these three cards have a killer combo that I'm really excited about. Thunderbird has the ability called redemption. It's does 2 damage to all enemy monsters when it dies. It's a one time thing... or is it.


The angel and priest both have resurrect. That means that when the Thunderbird dies he gets rezzed. Then he dies again. Boom 2 more damage. Then he dies again. Boom 2 more damage. You're basically rooting for this guy to explode!

There you have it. 6 damage to all enemy monsters in 2-3 turns. Oh, and if the angel is in 2nd place she'll be tanking and self healing. That's happening while Darius is blasting bishes for 3-4 damage per round.

Should be fun. Place a comment below of this combo fighting for some upvote love.

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Cards with Scavenger will only take 1 damage each time, though ;)


looks like a really nice combo but for the moment only for the top card holders... (makes a note, buy more cards)

Looking Epic! Still need to pick me up some new decks yikes

Brilliant! I haven't though any combos yet but

i'm loving -already on my deck:

and my top 3 "i want them" list are:


bonus fav summoner: WIZARD OF EASTWOOD



Also combos with LUMINOUS EAGLE. Stun>Knockout. THUNDERBIRD is nasty.

@aggroed, Looks like High Priest blessed your Steemmonsters DECK.

Congratulations for claiming these awesome cards. Stay blessed.

Nice. The only problem is I need just 41 more of them, hehe.

Not a very difficult team to put in play: everybody has at least 1 Angel of Light and only need one Darius. You only need 46 Thunderbirds...

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IM Definitely going to have to try this combo out!!!Thanks for the awesome tips!!👹❤ Upped 💯 and resteemed👍❤


Once I find the high priest (several times lol) and the thunderbird I will get back to this post :)

btw you write: it dies and dies again and again.. resurrect only brings back a monster once right? I'm asking as I rarely use the angel of light, and honestly I don't remember if that's really the case..

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