SteemMonsters Giveaway: Guess what's in the pack!

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Hey all! As you may have noticed, the alpha card pack sale has recently ended, as all 300,000 packs have found their rightful owners! With a small part currently held as reserve for the Kickstarter Pack Distribution.

With beta still being a while away, I decided yesterday evening to get some last-minute packs in and so:

I've recently initiated two other giveaways, which you can find here & here. The format of this giveaway will be a bit different. Instead of guessing my personal ranking of the coolness of different cards, I'm going to have ya'll guess what's going to be in the pack.

You'll have till the payout date of this post to comment on here the 5 cards that you think will be present in the cardpack I'll open. The cardpack opening will be conducted about a week after posting and a post will be made to celebrate the winners.

Here are some simple instructions:

  1. Pick 5 cards you think will be in the card pack I open
  2. Comment them on this post
  3. Wait for the giveaway to end

Now you'll probably be interested to know what kind of prizes there are to win... Let me list:
1 cards correct: Any 8 regular rares (Total BCX = 8) from my collection
2 cards correct: Any 8 regular epics (Total BCX = 8) from my collection
3 cards correct: Alpha Booster Pack
4 cards correct: Any regular legendary from my collection
5 cards correct: Combination of 1, 2, 3 & 4

Every prize can only be won once. In case of multiple winners, a randomized pick of one of the eligible candidates will be done. Whether the card is regular or gold does not matter for a right pick.

I wish you all great luck at guessing the right cards! :)

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Kobold Miner
Skeleton Assassin
Silvershield Paladin


I see you spread out over all 5 elemental splinters. Nice picks & thank you for entering :)

Giant Roc
Frozen Soldier
Magi of the Forest
Defender of Truth
Haunted Spirit


Thanks for entering :)

Gosh, right about now it would be handy to learn that trick for reading the contents of the booster packs directly off the blockchain. 😆  But then again, you're probably HODLing multiple packs, so I wouldn't know which one in particular you're talking about, haha. Anyway, here's my picks for what I think you'll get...

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Well, they removed the algorithm for determining the cards from the public, I believe and I'm not sure if there's still a trick for it :P

Thanks for entering and nice entry with those pictures ;)

Goblin Shaman
Tyrus Paladium
Spineback Wolf
Magi of the Forest
Flesh Golem


Thanks for entering, good luck!


Thanks, @pizzachain!

Time to eat some god damn pizza!!!!!

I love your name, and I hate your name... pizza... always on my mind.

Wow great Idea lets do this.

  • Goblin Shaman
  • Crustacean King
  • Devine Healer
  • Twisted Jester
  • Pit Ogre

Thansk for entering :)

This wild guessing game is awesome, my guess will be:

Fire bettle
Minotaur warrior
Feral spirit
Skeleton assassin
Silvershield paladin

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Sabre Shark
Pirate Captain
Giant ROC
Goblin Shaman

But I really hope it's all GOLD baby!


Yeah I also hope it's all gold! :D

Thanks for joining :)

silvershield knight
fire beetle
spineback wolf
sabre shark
frozen soldier

Epic card


Uh, I meant like specific cards. There are 10 epic cards, so you gotta change that... Take a look at jarunik's entry comment for example :)

My guess here:

Goblin Shaman
Sabre Shark
Pirate Captain
Spineback Wolf
Undead Priest

Hi there,

Sabre Shark
Spineback wolf
Giant ROC


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Giant roc
Frozen Soldier
Animated Corpse
Haunted Spider
Serpentine Soldier

Cool giveaway...

  • Giant Roc
  • Goblin Shaman
  • Koblin Miner
  • Spineback turtle
  • Rexxie

Giant Roc
Goblin Shaman
Kobold Miner
Spineback turtle

animated corpse
pirate captain
lyanna natura
divine healer

Giant roc
Serpent soldier
Animated corpse
Haunted spider
Pirate captain

Hi, I have a weekly bounty contest for Monster giveaways. This one of yours is not eligible anymore but maybe the next will be. Check it out. :)

Spineback Turtle
Minotaur Warrior
Flesh Golem
Pit Orge

Thanks for another fun give away