SteemMonster - My First Time

in #steemmonster2 years ago


I got this invite from @clove71 to join Steem Monster, I dont have any Idea whats this all about until I signed up and join the club.

I bought my first pack for nearly 3sbd and Ive got about 30 different cards. It has 6 types of element (Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death and Gold). I havent tested them yet in Game or Tournament as i havent had a chance to play.


For now I will review, read and undestand this game because it looks very interesting and exciting.

Id like to thank @clove71 for inviting me here , I have something to look forward in this great Steem community.



Thanks Mike! I like your collection dude! Others can find us chatting up Steem Monsters Discord here:

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