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RE: WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!! What's the Best Thing a Child Has Taught You?? Writing Contest

in #steemmamas4 years ago

Yay! Thank you so much! I really, really needed a morale boost today! Very, very grateful! And I haven't forgotten about that Unschooling 101 post. It's on my to-write list!


Thank you for entering @solarsupermama!! Your entry was fantastic and a great lesson to learn from a child. I can't wait to read about unschooling from you too!! :)

I love your post too @solarsupermama, especially the part both of you learning things together. 💟 Congratulations! Looking forward to your new post :) Good to know this makes your day too, love it when I know a fellow momma is boosted, coz sometimes I zombify through the day so I know how great that is, lol! <3

Thank you, @happycrazycon! We're all best off when we're learning together! The boost really was very needed and greatly appreciated. It's been a rough go, but the tide appears to be turning.

Thank you, @keciah! He continues to be a wonderful teacher at almost 20. The unschooling post will be fun. It's been a long journey.

congratulations supermama, couldn't think of anyone else who should have won, you rock xxx

You rock too, love!!!

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