WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!! What's the Best Thing a Child Has Taught You?? Writing Contest

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I received lots of great entries for my last contest, What's the Best Thing a Child Has Taught You?? 15 people total submitting a entry post!

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As I stated in the contest announcement post, there were many stories that proved children can sometimes be the teachers in our world. They may say or do something that really teaches us a lesson.

It was difficult to choose the winners all by myself, so I enlisted the help of two #STEEMmamas, @happycrazycon and @orangina to help me read through and vote for the best entries!

What is STEEMmamas?

I ran this contest as a way to bring more awareness to my new Discord community, @STEEMmamas.


Along with a nice turn out for the contest, we have also had lots of new mamas join our server. If you are a mama who wants to connect with other moms of Steemit, join the server now!

Contest Winners

Without further ado, here are our winners!


First Place: @solarsupermama || Read Her Entry: Little Teachers

This story really spoke to our souls. It is about the hatred she accidentally bred into her child's life until he asked if he can kill someone. As @happycrazycon wrote, "It was hilarious to me at first but then it strikes me that she noticed her mistake and she went through a change of heart together with her child because she didn't want the poison of hatred to grow."

Seriously, a wonderful lesson here!!


Honorable Mention: @derangedvisions || Read His Entry: When as a parent you know you are doing it right

In this story, a poem written by his young daughter is shared. She is definitely wise beyond her years, and it really drives home the lesson of never letting other people's negativity toward you affect how you feel about yourself. POWERFUL message here!


Honorable Mention: @iamjadeline || Read Her Entry: The Best Thing My Children Have Taught Me

In her story, @iamjadeline discusses how her children have taught her to worry less and be happier with life even when you are being thrown problems and struggles. She has lots of anecdotes and photos to back up her lessons!


I have already sent over your contest winnings!! :)
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A huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated in this contest. If you aren't already following the @STEEMmamas account, please do so for more amazing stories on children, family, and more!


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Yay! Thank you so much! I really, really needed a morale boost today! Very, very grateful! And I haven't forgotten about that Unschooling 101 post. It's on my to-write list!

Thank you for entering @solarsupermama!! Your entry was fantastic and a great lesson to learn from a child. I can't wait to read about unschooling from you too!! :)

I love your post too @solarsupermama, especially the part both of you learning things together. 💟 Congratulations! Looking forward to your new post :) Good to know this makes your day too, love it when I know a fellow momma is boosted, coz sometimes I zombify through the day so I know how great that is, lol! <3

Thank you, @happycrazycon! We're all best off when we're learning together! The boost really was very needed and greatly appreciated. It's been a rough go, but the tide appears to be turning.

Thank you, @keciah! He continues to be a wonderful teacher at almost 20. The unschooling post will be fun. It's been a long journey.

congratulations supermama, couldn't think of anyone else who should have won, you rock xxx

You rock too, love!!!

Congrats to @solarsupermama, @derangedvisions and myself. #steemmamas steem on... ;) Thank you @keciah and lovely guests @happycrazycon and @orangina. ❤

Your post was an intense post yet you found joy because of your children, that's a valuable lesson @iamjadeline! Congrats on winning!

Congratulations to all the winners, @solarsupermama, @derangedvisions and @iamjadeline! Those were really awesome entries!

Besides the winning entries, there were also other great entries, which made it hard for us to choose too. Really enjoyed reading them. Great job everyone!!

Most of all, thank you @keciah for organizing and hosting this :) Now looking forward to connect with all in and through #steemmamas!

Children taught me to smile more an to ask more questions and to be more patient. Thanks for sharing. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Happy Easter 2018.

Congrats to the winners! This was a great idea for a contest and for building community @keciah, thank you for creating it! :)

congratulations everyone, was really great to read some of the entries will have to read more now xx

Congratulations to all the winners! Way to go #steemmamas! 😍

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