Tree of Life, Island Style

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Tree of life is a great motif for every jewelry designer. There are hundreds and thousands of variations, one more beautiful than another.

This is my interpretation of a tree of life, island style. I bet you never saw anything like this! My imagination is really wild :)

I came up with this pendant design at the beach, in St. Thomas; Magen's beach, which is a sunset beach, with many trees. Most of the trees are palm trees, but there are some other trees too. A large Kiwi tree caught my attention ... and that's it... the tree of life pendant was born... my kiwi fruits are shells :)


... and this is the back of my pendant...


... Do you like it? It is a good size, can be worn on any cord, short or long.


... and this is Magen's Bay beach... you can see some kiwi trees and also sea grape trees...



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This is so lovely, and so much work goes into it. I think you really captured the look of the trees in such a beautiful spot.

Thank you @fitinfun Beautiful places like this beach always inspire me. I am happy you like my tree pendant too!

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