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The infamous halving event will come through tonight and why is halving important? Because it will reduce the reward of the miner by half and why should we care? Because if the miner decide to buy / hold / sell, it will change the BTC price greatly.

In the past halving, we can see the price of BTC keep going up, it also make more sense economically because it will maintain the interest of the miner such that the network will work as it should be. In case BTC keep going down, they may just switch off their mine after all.

But it doesn't mean the price will just go up, there is so much to consider when it comes to trading, fear and green before the event will likely drive the volatility up, like yesterday when it spike down from 9.5 to 8k and today it climbs back to 9k level. It is the best to just sit out before the trend is clear.

What is your take? Let me know XD.

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