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RE: Spinvest-Leo Update 10 - steady week, @spinvest-neo excitement, more delegators.

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Once you get some track record on the NEO/LEO setup I will do it too, I'm just not comprehending it yet and NEO has earned no LEO yet either 🤣🤣🤣 I do see a partial benefit of getting the twin votes from both communities...


It'll make sense over time. If I sell LEO, buy SPI send to delegators, it's a straight expense. On the other hand, if I sell LEO, buy NEO, delegate to you, earn SPI, I have still got an asset (the delegated NEO) and I use the SPI you send to me to pay (in part at least) my LEO delegators.

Dunno if that makes sense, I've been told my explanations need some work. It works in my head. 🤔🤯

Playing a long game with this move.


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I believe it will work, and now we just need SPINVEST to do it as well?


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