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Still nothing new at the Market. STEEM keeps offering a great purchasing moment for all those who understand its potential.

I keep compounding and increasing my account, either for the time spent on the platform, while curating and creating content or by trading with the different Tokens at Steem-Engine , or by buying small amounts of STEEM every month...

In fact, there is something I do almost automatically every month.

Buying STEEM at BITVAVO, which is an excellent cryptocurrency trading platform with really ridiculous fees, by dedicating always the very same amount of EUROS.

The amount that I have decided to dedicate each month to the automatic purchase of STEEM at BITVAVO is 50 Euros, at the current price it means around 393 STEEM that will go directly to increase my SP and, therefore, my power and influence on this blockchain.


This amount is like a small present that I give to myself, an extra reward in my faith for the success of STEEM, a tool to combat uncertainty, reasonable doubt, FUD...

An amount that I can personally face without feeling hurt in case all this goes to hell...

Something that today I can do without it and that in the future can mean a lot...

A 50 Euro self-gift that has an infinite potential, unlike other things you can get by spending the very same amount on...

3 months have passed since I started doing Automatic Steem Purchases of 50 Euros a month, almost 1050 STEEM acquired and Powered Up, compounding and generating more and more STEEM since the moment of the purchase.

What do I give up for 50 Euros a month?

Nothing... maybe an individual dinner a month at an average restaurant?


Instead, can you see what this ridiculous price can bring to you in the future while also having fun in the present?

Keep on accumulating.


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Love it. That's the way to grow for the future and hopefully in a couple of years you will be laughing at the value.


Great gift you have got yourself :)

Oh yes!

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Nice mate, i am doing the same thing!
You have my support.

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Excellent, thanks!

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