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It appears someone wrote an article about Steemit and the upcoming Hard Fork. The article focuses upon the Worker Proposal System and how there is a DAO being created for it.

The new system – set up as a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO – will allow Steem users to publicly propose work they are willing to do in return for payment in the project’s native cryptocurrency, steem dollars (SBD). The Steem.DAO will provide a way for the platform’s users to vote on proposals, weighted by their stake in the platform.

A fairly simply article that, I presume, came out of some type of Press Release Steemit Inc sent out. It is good to see that @vanderberg was at least questioned about what is taking place.

Michael Vandeberg, senior blockchain engineer at Steemit, said the concept was proposed and ultimately developed by steem community member Blocktrades.

“This is a big step forward in the development of Steem. We look forward to more partnerships between Steemit and our community. The Steem Proposal System will help make that a reality,” Vandeberg said.

Overall, not too bad although there were some shots taken at Steem, not that they aren't true.

Aside from mixing up Steem and Steemit, the article was fair. This is a good start, although just a beginning. These are the type of articles that we need written about Steem since it is what investors do use to, at least, get a sense of what is going on.

Steem has flown under the radar for so long that many forgot all about it. Showing progress will be a wonderful way to win some people back.

In the mean time, we just keep plugging along. A lot of stuff happening on here that will really hold people's interest down the road.

We could always use a bit of good publicity.

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Good to see we're getting more attention.
Question tho, is there anything the average user needs to know about this hard fork, or will it not affect us much? Got any articles about it?

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Awesome eh? I heard about it a few minutes ago from @theycallmedan. Retweeted for more attention.

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As long as there remains a good amount of development, I remain confident in Steem long time.

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Wow I can't believe coindesk actually wrote an article about Steem!

They didn't write about the 70% Steemit layoff?

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See I was going to mention that, but I meant something positive..

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I have been seeing more active communication from them which is positive and better than nothing. Hopefully it continues and the changes are executed for the better of the community and ecosystem!

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