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After some thought, and suggestions made to me, I will be setting up some small rewards for delegations of LEO made to the @spinvest-leo account. So far, we have received a few generous delegations with no promise of rewards, but more have been offered in return for an occasional upvote. Here is what I have come up with, please let me know what you think in the comments here.

spinvest logo.png

Delegations over 1000 LEO

Delegators over 1000 LEO will become eligible for one 100 % upvote per day from @spinvest-leo.

Delegators of 200 - 1000 LEO

In this range, Delegators will be eligible for one 50% upvote per day.

Under 200 LEO

In this range, Delegators will be eligible for one 20% upvote per day.

I have no idea how sustainable this will be, how many delegator posts will receive the upvotes, and don't have the time or skills to scale it efficiently. I reserve the right to amend this set-up at any time with or without notice if need be. In the interests of transparency, I will not include my own personal account in the autovote list. I will monitor post quality to ensure some effort is involved in the posts receiving upvotes.

Current Delegators:

spinvest-leo delegators.JPG

Auto-votes set up:

There are no ROI guarantees with this set-up. It was not my original intention to offer any rewards for delegations, and I didn't think we would get many. However, the returns so far from the LEO account have been most encouraging, and delegators are sacrificing their returns from curation. This update is intended to offer some benefits to delegators, without hurting VP significantly. Most potential delegators have indicated they will only be posting once or twice a week, so the impact should not be significant. I will be using steemrewarding to set up the auto-votes.


Image Source: Pixabay

Thanks everyone for your interest in the @spinvest-leo account, and If you don't know what any of this is about, check out the main @spinvest account for more info.

Earnings update post will be out tomorrow.


@jk6276.leo on behalf of @spinvest

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I'm IN, "Uncle LEO" lol

Sweet. gotta duck out now, will have a look and set it up in a couple hours. Cheers mate.

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That's great, thanks for sorting it out. I only post in steemleo once a week or so, I don't have time to curate in that tribe, so this is a really good compromise - I get a little reward when I post, and returns on my staked leo coins are bringing maximum benefit to @spinvest.

Really appreciate the support. The account is voting with a solid LEO whale status. :)


Very cool! Thank you for setting this up.

On another note, I delegated some NEOXAG to spinvest-leo. Is that of any benefit to the account? Not looking for any rewards just curious if it helps or not.

It all helps. I'm collecting any NEOXAG and PAL we come across (NEOXAG is another tribe token I quite like) but not actively looking for the tag. A lot of LEO posts also tag Neoxian so it will help, but its not a focus.

Thanks for your support.

Great! Just sent some more NEOXAG and some PAL. Also started trailing spinvest-leo, we will see how long my VP will hold out. :)