Whats your defining moment in cryptocurrency?

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Bitcoin turned ten early this year. I read this article about the tenth birthday of the genesis block. It gave the usual details about the people involved with Bitcoin; founder, contributor, price action, forks, copycats and those who improved upon the origin or so they though or still think. But for me the tenth birthday meant things to which are not centered around Bitcoins birthday, instead something altogether different. Instead of thinking about Bitcoin, I thought about my cryptocurrency journey.


I remember reading about Bitcoin a few years ago as something people used to buy drugs anonymously on the internet. It seemed like something to avoid like bad weather. But when Bitcoin soared in price last fall I found myself interested in it again. I began reading with great interest and motivation, but found myself unable to translate all the jargon used to explain Bitcoin, the blockchain and cryptocurrency. All articles about these three subjects are heavily laden with unfamiliar terminology for the beginner. You really need a cryptocurrency dictionary in one hand and the Bitcoin article in the other so you can look up the terms as you go along. The irony is even though I did just that I found myself still barely grasping the importance of what I was reading and I was mystified by the enthusiasm of Bitcoin proponents. I kept asking myself things like;
What’s so important about decentralization?
What’s so bad about centralization?
What’s the big issue about transparency?

I realized that I didn’t understand this terminology because I didn’t understand my countries banking system. I was an adult who had worked for years, paid taxes, had a checking account, savings account, credit cards and a mortgage. I thought I had a good understanding of the banking system, but when faced with the task of evaluating an alternative system I realized how much more I had to learn.

Since that realization occurred it has been a non-stop stream of new words and concepts to learn. Thus motivated I set I began to understand how cryptocurrency was different. I also began to understand the banking and monetary system which existed before cryptocurrency. I began to grasp what is meant by “centralized” and learned it’s advantages and disadvantages. I began to understand transparency and the lack thereof.

It was an amazing day when I felt like I finally had a working understanding of the traditional banking system and the concept of transparency became real to me. Although I should add the caveat that cryptocurrency and the Blockchain are transparent to the educated, not to everyone who buys it. It is often said that the blockchain is transparent, but if you don’t understand where to go to find blockchain transactions and if you don’t understand what the numbers you are looking at mean, it’s not transparent to you. But unlike the traditional banking system where many transactions are secret and rules are often not written anywhere you can educate yourself about the blockchain and the more you know, the more transparent the blockchain becomes.

When I look at this space called cryptocurrency, I see a financial and potentially large scale social revolution. I also see an amazing evolving entity. The evolution of many of the elements in this space like cryptocurrency mining, staking wallets and masternodes is amazing. New and improved blockchain and communities are born practically ever day. The changes are occurring at an amazing pace. Those that are attentive are witnessing something truly unique, which will be written about in the future.

When I was growing up people referred to great historic events as a turning point in their life, when they changed their way of thinking about life completely. Events like the Apollo Astronauts landing on the moon stand out in many peoples minds as a defining moment when they changed their thinking about what was possible forever. I think the new defining moment for many people in crypto was when Bitcoin’s price reached 20,000! I think on that day cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast suddenly realized the cryptocurrency was real, big gains from investing Ing in cryptocurrency are real and we are learning the real social change is possible. Where were you when Bitcoin hit 20,000? That may be the new defining moment question.

What’s your defining moment in cryptocurrency?

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When I bought Steem and the price fell. @alliedforces curate

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 98.99%

Thank you!

I am glad your here, despite that setback.
I experienced a similar fate.

I had the opportunity to buy bitcoin back in 2011 and couldn't be bothered getting through the hurdles. It wasnt until mid 2017, 6 months after joining Steem, that things started to click and I began learning.

Bummer. I wish I knew about Bitcoin back then, just enough to be curious

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It was too hard for me to work out how to turn fiat into BTC, so i went out drinking with the money instead.

LOL! 🤣😂

True story. It was about 20- 30 btc worth. But, it was a good weekend :)

What was Bitcoin selling for back then?

About 20 - 30 dollars.

Wow! 😱

  ·  22 days ago (edited)

A random day in mid December 2017 when I accidentally found out what Steem was via a random comment on a FB post. Till then I had no clue what cryptocurrencies were all about...

Better late than never...

Facebook really does bring news and is a defacto news source. 🙂

Did hear about Open Libra, a Fork of Libra?
Cryptocurrency is a crazy world, Libra isn’t live yet and a group of developers forked the code so Facebook Libra users could use Libra in a decentralized environment

  ·  22 days ago (edited)

I remember being interested in Bitcoin when it hit $1 parity.
When it hit 20k I decided I really better start paying attention.

Whats your defining moment in cryptocurrency?

I don't think it's happened yet.
A lot of crazy stuff is going to go down.

Wow! One dollar. If I only knew then about Bitcoin a measly $100 investment could have become a small fortune.

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A lot of crazy stuff is going to go down.

Considering the crazy stuff we have now, I better grab my popcorn and take a seat! 🙂

Question for you. If a group of devs have formed Open Libra to allow its users to use real Libra in a decentralized environment I would think they wouldn’t be able to go back to Facebook right? So their wallets on Facebook side would be frozen or something?
I wonder if Facebook will do a HF to fix the issue?
My head hurts trying to imagine the possible outcomes?

Wow! Bitcoin hitting 20k would be a great one, but when StakeUnited delisted my Token while I was on vacation and lost 3 million tokens, that was my defining moment. If something isn’t in my wallet, it doesn’t belong to you.

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Wow! That’s crazy, they were all about trust and in the end they betrayed everyone’s trust😒

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Thanks for the beer! 🍻



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I've read this post 5 times and I love it at each time. I wonder what steem will be in 10 years