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Hello! Friends,

Have you been expecting bull run to happen and you keep on waiting for that momrnt to come as a trader and hodler? I know that's one of the reason you are here, if is not the major then it must be something important to me and you especially with much potentially at stake in some few month to come.
Many are looking for where to invest in as they check out coinmarketcap for coin, token with working platform where they can make money.

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This discussion is not about keeping or saving your money to get discount like what binance and some other platform or token are doing but i am talking about platform that base of use case of the token to make more. See, there are real deal out there all you need is information.

When you have a platform and its use case generate more of its token then it is certain in a long term its value might increase. This brought me to a point that, their is dotcom project bubble that will repeat itself with blockchain and provide you with cool money.

With this mind of knowing, follow me this moment and lets see some of this platform for making money on blockchain..

I found some platform recently but i will share with you my best two or three:

  • Brave Browser

For some months now, many has been focusing on BAT and its browser. This is because you can easily make money by simply use the browser itself. It is commonly use by those that take security and privacy serious. This project is available on Andriod and iOS. When you consider the reward system, it is certain that YouTube creator or website owner can use this to earn BAT tokens. The great thing about this project is that, the token is sellable for bitcoin or fiat money and it was listed on coinbase recently which make it more real to every crypto lovers.

  • Steemit (STEEM)

Its my plus two years on steemit and I know what I have benefited and still benefiting from this great platform. This project focus on social media which motivate its user participation through micro payment and it is powered by STEEM token. In recent times, I discovered that some individials compare it with reddit but steemit has very huge difference due to the fact that there are more to upvoting and downvoting post on steemit. Their is generation of cryptocurrency on steemit blockchain through intelligent writings from its users though its reward is not straight forward its takes seven days to receive them.
Their is development of steem engine tribe with gave birth to 30 tribes of tokens you can earn on a single post provided you tag you content rightly. Its makes different community come together and makes steemit incorporation a better place for it users.

Are you looking for a platform to generate more income for yourself while you hold some steem token? Consider steemit platform and you keep receiving.

  • LBRY

Yes, steemit is cool but again I love this platform as its a decentralized platform just for sharing video content. This platform reward you with LBC tokens, it comes with little engagement free of charge and there are other ways you can earn LBC token which has to do with mining and some of its project in LBRY's ecosystem. The project is on iOS, Andriod, macOS, Windows and Linux. The LBC tokens can be traded to make more profit for yourself.

Projects On Watch.

  • Uptrennd

Its a project that started like 8 months ago and has been crossing different level as cryptocurrency is concerned. Its a web platform that reward content creators with its point which is equivalent to its token. Uptrennd is known as the home of crypto simply because is a platform that based its content on crypto related content and as a lot to do with crypto space.

Recently, the token was listed in three exchanges and also the token hit the coinmarketcap just yesterday August 6, 2019. You can check detail here.

There are more to this project, take your time and study how its work here

There are more project to discuss but I know you are of one step forward in knowing how blockchain platform can create means of income for you.

As a friends, should you have other blockchain platforms you get involve in with the opportunity to make gooc money, share it by comment them on the section below.

Togetherness we reach the top!

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