New Tunes Tokens for Music Lovers

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A new MUSIC nitrous SCOT site launched 2 days ago.

Their one mission is to encourage music enthusiasts to join their community to post music related content which includes:

  • song reviews
  • music videos
  • any music experience
  • your favorite tunes
  • hip hop
  • r and b
  • country
  • rock n roll
  • guitar playing
  • piano playing
  • ukulele playing
  • drums
  • any musical instruments that you play

They have airdropped 50 TUNES to people who responded to their first post here.

I received 50 TUNES the first day and then another 50 TUNES the next day.

Tags to use:

  • tunes
  • tunes
  • steemvision
  • music

By posting you earn TUNES

I have been on the platform for two days and this is the result of earning TUNES


  • Today, I was surprised that I already got a payout for my first post already.

  • I earned 7 TUNES with 50/50 Rewards, so I got 3.5 TUNES in my wallet already.

  • As you can see, I posted 2 compositions on how to compose songs.

  • I am not so sure if I want to spend so much time doing all these write ups when the payout is within one day. There is not enough time for people to follow your tunes each day.

But I believe for music lovers who just post other people's work and give their quick reviews, the platform can serve its purpose for those who want quick results and payouts.

So far the site has only been launched for 2 days. The idea has potential so I will observe how things go this week before diving into this site even though music is my thing.

Take a look at the ScotBot parameters of TUNES:

Author/review ratio: 50%/50%
Author curve: 1.0
Review curve: 0.5
Settlement time: 1 day
Tags: tunes, music, steemvision




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We appreciate you showing the love and support! Keep the content coming, much love!

Wishing you guys great success on Tunes!

I wonder if they might change the parameters to 7 days payout... Some people complain that 7 days is too short time for a post to raise awareness. But 1 day... It's something else...

We are getting TUNES in the hands of people quicker but yes, I hear what you are saying. I don't think this will be forever lol

Good write-up.

One slight correction besides these two tags:


You can use "Tunes" too.

Hey @steemitqa, thanks for the heads up. Corrected.

You bet! keep up the good work!



I learned something here. I did not know it settled in one day. That changes the dynamics quite a bit. I am not dure that benefits the creators very much.

Maybe it causes the vote amounts to rise faster as more tokens are staked/day and curating power rises faster.

Just means you have to stake faster :P

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Thanks for the review.
I asked the question on the tunes discord
it will be changed to either 4 or 7 pretty soon.

Probably this is just the beginning to get things going. 4 would be a good one.

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